Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility in Venus

Pisces and Scorpio are called to unite in love by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet that represents love, relationships and care.  Your fish (Pisces) and Scorpion (Scorpio) connection predicts marriage/permanent bond for the new year and beyond. 

Soon, a new year will be upon us.  You will have to decide on whether you want to walk into the new year being alone or having someone by your side that you can call as your own.  The fact that Pisces and Scorpio have been brought together during this time of year is no accident. In fact, according to the astrological calendar, the two of you are supposed to be talking about marriage or staying together for life in the months of October through December.  As you approach January, you should be deciding on whether you will be living together or simply living apart but being together. 

How Can Pisces Help Scorpio To See That You Are Not Going Anywhere?

Pisces is a water sign and often becomes one with the Scorpio because of their Neptune and Jupiter connection.  Scorpio loves the passion, loyalty and dedication that Pisces shows in the bedroom and everyday life.  The two often feel that they are compatible because of the happiness that they feel when around one another.  They rarely get into spats about small problems.  If they have a disagreement about something, its usually because something major has happened. 

Pisces need a lot of affection.  Scorpios tend to not give as much affection since their planets are Mars and Pluto.  Interestingly, both Pisces and Scorpio are water signs, but they don’t think the same when it comes to affection.  Pisces enjoy hand holding, kissing, touching and play.  Scorpios are often into their careers and have less time to think about fooling around.  They often just want to get right into love making or something romantic. They often like to just become one without the fuss of foreplay. 

Scorpios do need romance but go about it their own way.  They don’t like to think of their life as being wasting time. 

Scorpio and Pisces compatibility are high when the two can see their future clearly.  When this combination feels that they are headed towards something specific, they tend to do better in love. It’s important for the Pisces zodiac sign to feel like they can talk openly about their relationship.

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Do Well on Vacation

When Scorpio men and Pisces women spend any length of time together, they tend to share what is on their mind in detail.  The Pisces woman will often explain many of her childhood memories in detail. She may feel the need to open her heart up because she trusts Scorpio.

Scorpio men have a way of getting people to trust them.  They are often outspoken and not gossipy.  They often want to open and tell you what is on their mind. Scorpio men tend to like getting into deep and personal conversations. 

The Scorpio Pisces connection works because they have warm personalities.  They want to know the real you. Other zodiac signs envy them because of their ability to talk about deep rooted topics.

It is true that a lot of Scorpio men have a separation from their father.  They often have a tough outer shell because they were raised to be a “man” at an early age. Often, a lot faster than what they were ready. They often didn’t have much time to play as a child.  Scorpio men often have a hard time with trusting other men.  They will often rely on their female partner for guidance, love and acceptance. 

Scorpio men are known for lighting campfires and toasting marshmallows with you around the campfire.  He will snuggle with you and keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

A Pisces man and Scorpio woman will always find topics to talk about because they lead active lives with family and friends.  There is always something or someone to talk about.  Relationships are built between these two zodiac signs when they let their guard down and just be themselves.

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Traits

Pisces do well emotionally when they are around bodies of water. It is important for the two of you to live in an apartment/home where there is a large body of water present. This can be an ocean, lake or swimming pool.  Yes, even swimming pools do well with Pisces because they are reminded of the peace and calmness of the water.  They always do better when they wake up and see water. 
In the morning, Pisces men and women often enjoy taking fast showers before work.  After work or when they are off, they will often take long showers and relax in heat.  If a steam shower is installed in the home, that is beneficial.  It will add more peace to the soul of the Pisces.

Scorpios tend to want a bath at night.  They work hard and their minds are always thinking. A nice hot bath or 15 minutes in the sauna will bring more excitement to their life. It will allow them to see that they can still have plenty of relaxation when they put their mind to it.

Pisces and Scorpio Friendship

Pisces and Scorpio are always friends before lovers. It is common to hear a Pisces zodiac sign being friends with Scorpio for years.  They may have met when they were children and then decided to date as adults.  They seem to always come back to one another. It is rare for the two to just meet one another in a bar or on a website like Tinder. They often have a history together before becoming lovers. 

Scorpio and Pisces in bed is an amazing connection.  Scorpios like to be massaged and kissed passionately.  Pisces wan the same and need it even more.  When Scorpio wants to rest, its best to leave them alone. The main reason is because they do better romantically when they are wide awake and have tons of energy. 

If you are seeing Scorpio tired most of the time, Pisces will have to give them an intervention. Perhaps you need to give them some coffee or a green drink to get them more alert.  Even taking a walk together after work often calms Scorpio down and gives them a lot more energy.

It’s true that Pisces needs a lot f attention.  They often want romance daily.  Scorpio is passionate in the bedroom, but often prefer to get it on when their schedule is clearer.  This may not always work for the Pisces. 

Scorpio Man Attracted to Pisces Woman

A Scorpio man is often attracted to a Pisces woman because of her looks.  Yes, you can say that at times, the Scorpio man is a bit superficial.  He often looks at the Pisces woman as looking beautiful in jeans, dresses and skirts.  He can be somewhat superficial. He often knows what he likes.

The Pisces woman loves to get attention. She wants to know that the Scorpio man is after her.  She likes to get chased and feel wanted. 

When it comes to fashion, the Pisces woman has a fascination for looking good. You will often find her dressing up in designer clothing and showing off her best self. 

Scorpios and Pisces love working out or at least keeping their body in good physical shape. If they feel that they are out of shape, they often feel self-conscious taking their shirts or wearing sexy clothing on the beach.  They often feel that its best to cover up if they are not at their best. 

Pisces Male Scorpio Female

Pisces men tend to more articulate when it comes to keeping a clean home.  A Pisces man aims to keep everything in order. You might say that he can be a bit OCD at times.  He wants to give an impression that he keeps himself neat and tidy.  He wants his Scorpio female partner to know that she can count on him to be a good family man.  He prefers cleaning and taking care of himself on his own. 

The Scorpio female is a leader.  She enjoys laying down the law in the home. Pisces men don’t seem to mind her take charge attitude. A Scorpio woman is known for her bravery.  At times, the Scorpio woman becomes the defender of the family. If her child is having a problem in school, she will often handle the problem on her own. She rarely asks Pisces to take a stand for her. She doesn’t mind confrontation and wants to let everyone around her know that she is the boss. 

A Pisces man will often be generous with his paycheck. If he is married to the Scorpio women, he will often give her money to pay the bills. He places his trust in Scorpio to do what is right.  He enjoys buying her the things that she wants.  The Pisces man is full of integrity.  He may have been raised Christian or another faith that teaches high morality.  Pisces men often always have a desire to be honest. He expects the same in return. 

The Scorpio man and Pisces woman often have love at first sight.  They show instant loyalty with one another at first glance because they feel that the spirit world may be putting them together.  They are often called twin flames or soulmates. 

There is a certain level of devotion to one another at a first-time meeting.  They often feel obligated to text/call one another from the start. They often don’t have to worry about who is contacting who first.  They both have a strong desire for communication with one another.

The Pisces male will often get the Scorpio female flowers on a first date. He is often good with giving flowers, candy and presents on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. He wants the world to know that he loves completely.

The Pisces male is also sincere.  He will listen to the Scorpio woman for hours about what she is going through.  If she is sad because she had a rough day, he will listen to her. It’s important for the Scorpio woman to know that it’s okay to not be strong all the time. Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. 

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Connection

When it comes to self-control, Scorpio men are known for their loyalty. You can often trust him to be faithful.  Pisces women often like knowing inside of their heart that he is trustworthy. Of course, the Pisces women is known for herself control as well. She loves getting attention from the opposite sex. However, she will not push or influence others to ask her out.  She is often conservative and wants to say that she is committed to someone when she is falling in love.

Peacefulness is a way for Scorpio men to feel at ease with life.  He will often be the first person in the relationship to talk about doing meditation together. The Scorpio man may be the first person to say that he would like to get a psychic reading or perhaps do counseling if there is some type of a problem in the relationship. 

Pisces women have a great deal of patience. She often doesn’t push her lover over the edge. She usually wants to wait and see what happens. She is known to be patient because she feels that it usually serves her and the Scorpio man best. 

Pisces women are determined to succeed. She wants to feel that she can help when she can.  If she senses that Scorpio is having a hard time with working, she will often find ways to soothe him.  The Scorpio man always appreciates that. 

Scorpio and Pisces Bond Will Always Be There

Scorpios are more persistent with getting what they want. In both love and business, they chase what they want and don’t give up if they get rejected the first time out.  The Scorpio is often trying to let the Pisces see that here is nothing to be afraid of. This will confirm to the Pisces that everything is going to be okay between the two. 

Pisces women are adventurous. This often makes the Scorpio feel that excited about life.  The Pisces women will often say that they want to go away on vacation at the last minute. If they know that you both have the weekend off, they may say on a Thursday that the two of you should take a weekend getaway trip.  This is often fun and an exciting opportunity to just do something at the drop of a dime.  Sometimes, you must just do it.

In all fairness, the two of you compliment one another because you both usually agree to do what is necessary to make the trip more fun.  You both want to enjoy one another’s company. 

The Pisces and Scorpio bond have cooperation with one another with decorating the home or doing something that makes them feel that a group effort must be accomplished. 

Pisces men and women have a great tolerance towards people trying to interfere in their relationship. They often feel that eventually, both sides of the family will accept their relationship. Believe it or not, Pisces and Scorpio have a lot of jealousy thrown at them all the time. It is hard for others to see their love and not be jealous.

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Problems

If the Scorpio man is trying to get away with something, he can be dishonest.  He may just decide to ghost you for the night if he wants to go out with his buddies instead of you.  The Pisces woman might sense this and not feel happy about it.  The Pisces women will often find this kind of behavior repulsive. The Scorpio man doesn’t normally do this, but from time to time, this will be a problem.

The Pisces woman may become disloyal to the Scorpio man if she has old lingering feelings for one of her exes.  If he contacts her via social media, she may fall into temptation and have a one-night stand. It will be hard for her to cover this up because her connection with Scorpio is so strong.

When having an argument, the Scorpio man may be a bit unkind. He will often say something at the heat of the moment that he doesn’t mean. If the Pisces woman pushes him over the edge, he could snap and say something mean. The Pisces women should know that when he starts to raise his voice, it means that you need to back off. Otherwise a heated discussion is on the way.  He may even break up with you temporarily or ghost you for a while. He often takes awhile to forgive and often doesn’t like to talk again until he feels ready.

Pisces women can have a mean streak if she feels that her Scorpio man’s family is not liking her or is talking behind her back. She may retaliate by screaming or telling someone off that is close to the Scorpio.  When upset, the Pisces woman can be rude. She may start cursing at someone that is putting her down.  It’s a way for the Pisces woman to defend herself. 

Scorpio men can be disrespectful if he feels that someone is questioning his integrity. He will feel challenged because he often sees himself as someone that is honest and kind. He doesn’t want his reputation to be ruined. He likes to feel that everyone around him likes him. 

Pisces women can be impatient when she is waiting for her Scorpio man to do something.  She may feel that she is telling him to do something repeatedly. If he doesn’t respond to her after some time, her patience will run thin. By nature, she is often patient. However, push her over the edge and she will want to push you aside. 

At times, the Scorpio man can be greedy. If it comes down to him getting a new car or you are getting a new house, he will often choose what he wants over what you want.  Yes, he can be like a child when he wants his cookies. He will stomp and try to prove to you that he needs a car because he can’t go to work without it or perhaps his friends will laugh at him for driving around in the car that he feels is embarrassing. 

Scorpio man testing Pisces woman is common.  He can sometimes be unforgiving if she feels that you ruined something in his life. Perhaps he wanted to move when a job promotion came up for him. He may have felt that you didn’t want to make the move with him, and his career couldn’t advance anymore. He may resent you for awhile for this. 

Scorpio Men and Pisces Women in Leadership

Scorpio men and dominant.  They enjoy feeling that they can lead an entire room into victory. On their job, they want to show their boss that they can take charge and lead.  They love holding titles such as manager, CEO, CFO, supervisor and more. 

Scorpio men show a great deal of confidence on the job. If he doesn’t know what he is doing on the job, you will never know it.  Pisces women are persuasive in sales and work.  They get their way because they are not afraid to ask or to pinpoint why something should happen.  They like to feel that when they say something, that it will happen. 

Pisces women are highly ambitious. They often study in school for a college degree.  She is also known to be a woman that builds a business from the ground up. She often enjoys putting herself out there to show that she can be successful. She often wants to be a woman that is independent and leads a group of people to success.  Pisces zodiac signs are known for being millionaires or women with high success.

Scorpio men can be bossy at times.  He often does this to show people that work under him that he is in charge. If you cross him, he will often push you out the door. He will often make you feel that he is in control and doesn’t want anyone around him to think that they can overpower him.  This is the scorpion in him. 

Pisces women are resourceful.  They don’t like to waste anything. They want to show everyone that they work with that they can save money. She is known to cut costs in companies that she works in.

The authority of the Pisces women is there for the world to see. She shows that her control and power can make something become much more successful. 

Scorpio men can be bold at times. He loves to say what he feels.  The Scorpio man will say that he wants to show what he is feeling. People tend to follow the direction of the Scorpio when he gets bold. Its often because he feels that he wants to express what is on his mind for the most part.

Pisces Men and Scorpio Women as Family

Pisces men are playful with their children.  He often can’t wait to get off from work to spend time with his wife and kids. The Pisces man often believes that he can have love and a new beginning with his family and friends. 

Scorpio women are active with making family plans to watch a movie together or perhaps take a trip to Disney. She is the kind of women that wants to hear what her “man” has to say.

Scorpio women often make her children and husband laugh. She is known for telling jokes to keep the family connected. On road trips, she is the first to join the family together and to make everyone around her feel that she can be one with the universe. 

Pisces men are often known for being silly with his family. He is known to crack jokes or play video/board games to bring the family together.  Everyone in the family often feels that they are being drawn to spend more time together.

Scorpio women are often affectionate with her children.  She often gives hugs and kisses to let her kids know that they are loved, appreciated and respected.  The Scorpio women wants to be known as the giver of affection in the family.

Pisces women are talkative with his family and friends. She wants to talk about what went on in her family’s day. She often prefers having the family sit together during dinner and other meals.  On the weekend, the Pisces women is often encouraging the family to talk about what is happening in their lives. 

Both Scorpio and Pisces are said to be smart with family issues. They know how to save for their family and cut corners when necessary. 

Scorpio men tend to get fidgety when they feel that they are bored. It’s important to keep things in the family exciting and new. When this happens, good things begin to happen in the family structure.

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