How to Use Your Intuition

Intuition Meaning

Intuition is more of a feeling that you get when you think that something is going to happen.  Many psychics say that before they realized that they were clairvoyant, they would often feel something that they thought was happening but had no idea that it was going on. 

Intuition is more of a sense of something, rather than a knowing.  If your intuition is showing you something about the future or what is happening right now, you should pay attention to it.

Intuition is more like a thought that cannot be seen.  When you think about it, we have all been in situations where we said later, “I knew that was going to happen.”  Perhaps your relative or friend was in a bad relationship and you sensed that they were going to break up with the person.  However, they said that everything was fine and that you shouldn’t worry. However, a few weeks later, they came to you and said, “You were right, we broke up.” Your intuition was telling you that something was about to happen. 

Introverted Intuition

Introverts tend to have higher intuition than extroverts. The reason for this is that they are often tuning more inward. They often see things through their own eyes and don’t express what they feel through their intuition. They often hold back and wait to see if what they are feeling will happen.

Introverted intuition is becoming more common in the 21st century because more people are focused on their computer gadgets.  Many people prefer texting over talking over the phone. In return, it causes someone to be more introverted.  We live in a time period in which more people are wondering about their lives and not expressing it to people verbally.  Most people find that they have friendships via text then in person. 

Psychics often say that they can communicate with spirits or see a vision through their sixth sense. This is an experience that many introverts can relate to.  The more that you dig deeper into this inner spiritual reality, the more that your visions begin to take over and you begin to see the future in different ways. 

A Woman’s Intuition is Real When It Comes to Love

As a psychic reader, I can tell you that a woman’s intuition is high when it comes to knowing a lot about her man.  I once had a client that had a “hunch” about her man’s cheating ways every time that he said that he was hanging out with his friends.  Her intuition told her that he was up to no good and was most likely hooking up with other women. I saw the same vision in my sixth sense.  Together, we concluded that we were right. 

Sure enough, her boyfriend eventually became clean and told her the truth about her cheating ways.  She is not alone. Every day, I get around 10 calls from women that say they can almost feel that something is going on in their love life that isn’t right. She may sense that her boyfriend is ghosting her because he is trying to move on from the relationship. A woman will often sense when a friend is about to betray her.  There are many different reasons as to why a person’s intuition is overtaking them. 

A woman’s intuition is often not planned. She has an inner knowing more than a man.  She often senses something that she hopes will not happen. However, her intuition warns her to be careful. It tells her to not always believe everything that you hear. Instead, her heart tells her to listen to her spirit. 

Here are Some Intuition Examples

  • A woman walks into a grocery store and believes that the man in front of her is lonely. She doesn’t know him but feels something.  At the same time, he receives a phone call in which he tells the other person on the other side of the phone that he feels lonely.
  • A man runs in the street and senses that an animal is about to run in the road and get hit by a car.  He doesn’t know why he feels this way. However, his intuition is telling him that something is about to happen.  He turns around and hears a car hitting something.  He realizes that an animal just got hit by a car.
  • An older woman believes that she is going to be hospitalizes for something over the next six weeks. Her doctor told her that nothing is wrong. However, her intuition is telling her that something is wrong.  Suddenly, she gets into her car and a van behind her rear ends her and she goes into a coma for 6 weeks.

My Intuition is Strong, and I Am a Psychic Reader

I have had a strong intuition since I was 5 years old.  My mother used to call me the mini psychic of the house when I was a kid.  I would often predict that something was going to happen, and she said that I had such a strong intuition.  I was usually right about what I was feeling.  She was often shocked that I knew so much at a young age.

I realized that I could use my intuition to help people.  I started giving psychic readings to people that I met along the way.  I would often see a person struggling and identify the problem without them even talking to me.

I once met a man in my church that was going to get married in a month, I was around 8 years old.  My intuition said that the woman that he was about to marry was engaged to another man in a foreign country.  I gave him that message.  He was shocked that a young child my age would say and see such a thing. However, he said that he would investigate it. 

The next time that I saw him, he told me that I was right. He asked her if another man was involved in her life from a different country and his fiancé told him yes.  He was shocked. He said, “How did you know that?”  I told him that I had used my intuition and felt it. He said, “Wow, you must be psychic.  I didn’t even see that coming.” 

Psychic Development Takes Time

If you want to develop your own psychic ability, you must train and take your time.  Join a psychic development workshop in your area. You may be able to find one on  There are often psychic development workshops that allow you to read for other people in your group. In this way, you can become a lot stronger as a psychic reader.

Some people spend their entire lives perfecting their intuition. Some people go on to become psychic readers or people that trust their own intuition over the facts that people tell them. It’s important to accept your intuition and understand why you may be getting a specific word about something in your mind.

Often, words will just pop into our heads and we don’t even realize that we are getting psychic information.

Developing Intuition is Often Automatic

We are all born with intuition, but some people have stronger intuition than others. This can be for many different reasons. Most people have strong intuition because they automatically feel something. 

Those that do best with their intuition are those that are open to using it more often. Sometimes, men and women meditate for hours in order to have strong clairvoyance. Once you begin to use your intuition, you don’t want to stop. It can become very addictive.

Personally, I find that female intuition is the strongest. It may be because women often think more analytically and therefore can dissect things more easily. However, there have been a few men like Edgar Cayce that had strong clairvoyant gifts since they were a child. 

If you already have strong intuition, consider yourself to be lucky. Most people in the world today want to have strong intuition and are often wrong than right. I see it as a true spiritual gift.

What is Spiritual Intuition

Often when I am in prayer, a thought will come to me that I didn’t see in the physical form. Another words, I get a sense that something is about to happen even though nothing is happening at all.

For instance, I saw in my vision a Hurricane hitting Florida in 2017. I got this vision in March.  Nothing was happening at that time. However, when August of 2017 came, Florida was warned that a category 5 storm was coming their way. I later learned that this hurricane was named Irma. 

On another occasion, I saw in my vision that Donald Trump was going to take office over Hillary Clinton.  Even though she was leading in the polls, I saw Trump winning. I had no idea why I saw this happening. However, my spiritual intuition told me to not listen to the media. Instead, rely on spirit that would eventually turn out to be right. 

When I get a strong intuition about someone or something, I write it down.  There are times when I am sleeping and see something happening in my dream. I know that it’s a dream trying to communicate a message to me.

I don’t play around with my dreams. I take them rather seriously.  Intuition meditation works a lot like a dream.  You may catch yourself meditating and then nodding off.  When this happens, your spirit is astral traveling.  You are tapping into the spiritual world and the spirit world is going to give you messages.  I always enjoy receiving messages from spirit even though I don’t understand its full message all the time.

Good intuition should not be taken for granted.  If you think that you have no spiritual gifts in life, think again. You are very fortunate if you can see things before, they happen. There are millions of people on planet earth today that would love to be in your shoes. I once met a woman that had a blocked third eye. She couldn’t see anything and often told me that she had no idea that anything was about to happen in her life.  She never meditated and often had a negative outlook on life. I find that we can often be our worst enemy.

We Can’t Always Trust Our intuition

Sometimes, our intuition is wrong.  Instead of making any accusations or believing that something is going to happen, wait for it to happen and then say to yourself, “I was right.” Over time, if you get into the habit of doing this, you will eventually see that you begin to learn what is real and what is fake. You will come to see that you are not always going to see things as clearly as you should. Its okay to not know how to use your intuition at first.  Take your time when it comes to learning more about, he future. 

Business Intuition Can Make You a Millionaire

Many millionaires say that they often got ideas based on intuition. They sense that a product was needed and then created it.  Other times, business managers and CEO’s create an idea out of thin air. They sense that it’s the right time to market their idea and then get rewarded with millions of dollars. Not everyone has this gift and many businesswomen say that they don’t even know how their intuition was so strong. However, they got strong because of what they were seeing and visualizing. 

Imagine if you can get into the mind of Warren Buffet and see how he picks his stocks.  He often gets a feeling about stock, invests in it and gets wealthier. He is like an intuition magnet. 

As you can see, practical intuition is something that we all have.  I suggest that you do some meditation every day in order to grow yours.  If you have a spiritual gift for seeing into a future, you will notice that meditation helps you to become stronger. Developing your intuition takes time. Try not to rush it. Allow it to come to you one step at a time. 

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