Man’s Search for Meaning of Life

What is a Definition for Life?

The meaning of life has been sought after since the beginning of time.  Philosophers, theologians, psychologists, scientists have all wondered about why mankind is on earth.  What is the true meaning of our existence? 

The definition for life is not one dimensional.  In fact, if you ask 10 different people, you will get 10 different answers.  The meaning of life is going to be what someone wants it to be. 

Let us say you were raised as a Christian. Christians believe that their meaning of life is to take care of the earth until Christ returns.  They are to have a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, reading the Holy Bible and worshipping God. 

If you are a Hindu or Atheist, this meaning of life may not hold much for you. Instead, an Atheist may invest their time in learning more about science and working on their career and family issues.  A Hindu may spend their time in prayer at the temple or improving their karma by good works.  A Buddhist may spend their time in meditation. 

Every person is going to have a different reason for waking up every day.  There is an old saying in the United States that goes, “Life is what you make it.”  I find this to be true. There are people that wake up every morning feeling happy because they have a set schedule that tells them what they will be doing.  They have an open mind about their daily tasks and something about that day is going to make them feel happy. Perhaps they are going to visit with a friend or watch an exciting movie on Netflix. 

However, another person may wake up in the morning feeling like they don’t want to live or find life to be boring. They often wake up with no schedule and have no idea what will be happening that day.  Their mind is often on something that is making them unhappy. Perhaps it’s a family issue or a relationship problem that they are having.  They often find that their unhappiness is since they don’t’ have a lot of inner peace.

Some people even look at life as having no meaning.  If you listen to the song “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, you will hear them singing a song about mankind being just dust in the wind.  We are here for awhile and then die.  Life has no real meaning.  When one generation dies, a new one is born and its been like that since the beginning of time.

Man’s search for meaning doesn’t have any one direction or answer.  In fact, philosophers often debate this topic even to this day. Socrates and Thales were known to talk about the meaning of life.  You can sit down all day and every day for the rest of your life running around in a circle to find life’s meaning. However, the best way to see life is through your own eyes and what it means to you.

What is Your Meaning of Life?

Close your eyes and ask yourself what your true meaning is. What do you feel is your life purpose?  This is a question that you will have to ask yourself weekly.  The reason is because our mind tends to wonder and think about our future and where we are going to be headed in life.  It’s important to ask yourself what you feel is the reason why God put you on this earth.

As you begin to soul search, you will not have all the answers right away.  It’s important to start reading some books on what interests you.  Mankind often finds their true-life purpose when they chase after what interests them 100%. In fact, many millionaires and billionaires became successful because they chased after what they wanted a lot harder than the average person.  At some point in their life, they made an agreement to go after their interests first. 

If you look at a billionaire like Warren Buffett, you will come to see that he has always felt a draw to numbers and the stock market.  He obsessed about it and it became his life purpose.  Warren Buffett is now in his 80’s and is still working. He is not working because he needs money.  Instead, he is working because he feels that this is his calling in life. It’s what gets him up in the morning. It’s a reason why a simple coca cola will make his day. 

When you find your meaning in life, you find your joy.  People that can’t find their passion in life cannot find it because they are to obsess with something else.

Often, if a person is hungering for romantic love, they will put all their energy into that.  Instead of saying, “I will wait for something to come to me, they obsess about it and try to find someone that will love them.” Instead of them putting their time and energy into a career or something that they are passionate about, they will put their energies into something that may not happen for them. 

I often see people hopping from one relationship to the next. They are often not working on what they have.  They are always thinking that the “grass is greener on the other side.” They often don’t want to invest their life into someone that may not seem right now. However, a decade later, they are still hopping from one relationship to the next in hopes of finding someone that will never hurt them or betray them in any way. 

If you live like this, your mind will never be free to pursue your true meaning in life.  Whether you have a romantic partner in your life or not, it should not get in the way of your passion.  Perhaps its not a lover that you need, but a best friend that is there for you always. Many celibate priests and people that live their lives with no lover find it pleasing to have a best friend.  In this way, they both have one another to turn to and they don’t need to worry about someone ever leaving them.  A good friend is often worth more than all the money in the world. 

Obsessing About Something That May Never Happen

I am always shocked to learn that many people waste their time watching someone else’s dreams on television. Instead of working on their career or their passion, they will spend time watching television for hours on end.  They may even choose partying over working on your life work. 

As youth, we don’t realize the negative impact of not finding your passion.  Many kids will spend hours each day playing video games.  However, when they wake up in their 20’s, they often feel lonely and are asking themselves why they are here.  They feel like their life has no purpose. They feel like life is just passing them by.  I see this time and time again.

The reason why this is often happening to youth is because their parents didn’t discipline them enough to find their passion.  Putting your children in activities that interest the will shape and form them into a passion for life. It will give them meaning for life. 

It is said by parenting experts that a parent will know their child best. You may look at your child and know what they are about before they do.  It’s important to encourage your child to go after what interests them. If you see that your son or daughter loves watching movies about karate, that is a sign for you to see that they have a passion for this and should be pursued.  Enrolling them in karate school will allow them to pursue what makes them happy.  

The experts that we see in any field of study is because the person took the time out to study and master that technique.  People that find their passion have found their meaning in life. 

How Do People Act When They Have No Meaning in Life?

People that have not found their meaning in life will often turn to alcohol, drugs, destructive living and a feeling like they have no hope.  These are the men and women of society that we ask, “Why are they acting like that? Why are they doing things that hurt other people?” 

When we lose our passion or craving for life, we begin to question everything about out existence. This can happen to anyone at any time.  The main reason for this is because the person cannot see that they are destroying themselves. 

In America, we have a more free-spirited society. Families often do what they want, and the government doesn’t stand over them telling them what to do.  They have freedom.  This is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is a blessing because you have choices.  You can do whatever you want with your life without interference from the government.  However, it’s a curse because people that don’t put their lives in order, find that they don’t have much of a purpose. 

If you look at successful businessmen and women, you will notice that they love talking about their work. It makes them feel excited and often don’t feel depressed.  They are often wanting to get up and do the same thing every day because it’s what keeps them motivated.

You will often see a child or adult acting sad and showing signs of depression when they feel that their life is boring and not feeling any kind of passion for anything. They lack discipline to study and don’t want to chase after something that requires hard work.  A person cannot be bored or sad if they are focusing their mind on something that they are passionate about. The human body often gets lazy. We often want to sit around and not do anything.  We must force ourselves to read books, take a course to teach ourselves something or work on a business.  People that fail to do this are often always questioning what their meaning of life is.

People Who Found Their Own Meaning in Life

Mark Twain – He was born in 1835 and died in 1910.  Mark Twain is one of the most recognized names in literature.  He found his passion for writing and his obsession with it has led to some of the most famous literary books in history. You may recognize two of these titles to be, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.  Imagine if he would have sat around playing video games all day and having no passion for life. We would not have these books today.

Donald Trump – He had a passion for real estate and developed some of the most recognized names in real estate history.  He is a real estate genius.  His passion allowed him to become a billionaire and enjoy many of the fine things in life.  Way to go Donald!

Pope John Paul II – He had a passion for the Christian faith and spent his childhood readings the Holy Bible and other religious books. He later studied to become a priest and then went on to become the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  He was able to focus his mind and attention on what he had a passion for and didn’t allow his mind to wander off into something that would be destructive. 

John Lennon – We all know him as being one of the Beatles. From an early age, he had a passion for music and singing.  This later became the meaning for his life. The song Imagine became one of the most recognized songs of the 20th century.

All these men above all came into the world the same way.  They were all babies and were raised by someone.  No excuse got int their way of pursuing their passion. They went after what they felt was most important for their life. 

As you can see, finding man’s search for meaning is not that difficult if you dive deep inside of your heart to find what you are passionate about.  Once you have found your passions, you will discover your meaning in life. 

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