Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo Virgo compatibility is a good connection.  Leo the lion represents strength, love, power and leadership.  His/her qualities are full of ambition, happiness, peace and understanding.  The Leo zodiac sign compliments the Virgo well because they often keep to themselves. Virgos are often quiet and keep to themselves. They like to keep a small circle of friends around them. They look up to the Leo for protection and guidance. 

Leo Men and Virgo Women

The Leo man is known for giving protection to his Virgo woman.  His aim is to work hard and provide for his family.  The Leo man is often a macho type of guy.  He likes to make sure that you are happy with what he is giving to you in love, money, career and spirituality. You will find that when you are together with him, he wants to show you that his heart is into caring for you and guiding you along the way. He doesn’t want to see you unhappy. 

The Virgo woman is more of a homemaker or takes on jobs where they can find their solitude and peace. Virgo women often take on jobs as pastors, psychics, artist, doctors and scientists.  Virgo women like to feel that they are making a direct contribution to the world and they are often independent.

The Virgo zodiac sign likes to focus on what it can accomplish in this lifetime. She is often known for her beautiful smile, appreciation for life and respecting others.  Virgo women have a great love for animals. She will often own a dog, cat, rabbit or other type of animal.  Shei s the kind of person that feels sorry for those that are hurting and have nothing.  She will fight for the rights of the poor and doesn’t fool around when she says that she will do something.

The Leo man expects his Virgo woman to hear him out when he has a problem.  He is a man that wants to be listened to.  He is the kind of person that is not bossy but shows authority. He will talk to you about what you are happy or sad about.  He will often invite you to be around his friends and family.  The Leo man is sociable and often has lots of people in his circle.  He won’t have to worry about his Virgo woman having to many friends.  In fact, the Leo man is the one that often provides friendship and family. 

Virgo men like to feel that they can introduce you to new things.  If he feels that you should go on vacation to an exotic place, he will tell you. 

The beauty of a Leo man is that he is always looking for something new.  You will seldom get bored with him. When you hang out with him, he will show you something new each time. It may be something new that you learn about his past or a new hobby that he has taken on. 

You can both take on hobbies together and enjoy them. You will find that when the two of you hang out, you have a lot of fun together. The Leo man will make you laugh.  When a Virgo woman and Leo man come together, they take on adventure. 

Leo and Virgo Friendship

Nine out of ten times, you are friends before lovers.  This is a wonderful way to carry on any kind of relationship.  Before you engage in romance, love making and other type of activities, you should always be friends first. In this way, you don’t let your lust get the best of you. It’s important to always compliment one another.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man

Another powerful connection is the Leo woman and Virgo man connection. In this scenario, the Leo woman shows her power by showing her care for the family. She will often make her Leo man secure.  The Leo woman will let the Virgo man know that he is not a cheater.  He has love to give and will always show her that he is supportive of her. 

Leo women tend to take on leadership type of careers.  She is often not happy with being a homemaker.  She prefers going out to work and making money. The Leo woman is often a real estate agent, in sales/management or other type of leadership careers.  She likes to feel that her contribution to the world is unique and special. 

The Leo woman wants to make sure that her Virgo man is happy.  She will often say, “Let’s go out for dinner or order something in and talk.”  These two loves having conversations with one another.

Leo women tend to say what she feels. Sometimes, her outspoken voice can be a bit too much for the Virgo man to handle. He may tell her to “chill out” occasionally. 

The Leo woman is often into music, dancing and current events. She can be known to talk about politics and prove her point of view.  Virgo men tend to be a bit more silent about what they believe in and only tell people their true thoughts when they grow to trust. 

Trust is not easily gained by the Virgo man. You will have to go through a series of events to prove your loyalty to them.  At first, you will feel like you are putting a lot of work into the relationship. At times, you will feel like its you trying to make the relationship more fun. 

However, know that everything that you put into your relationship will have a good payout in the end. You will eventually feel that your love and nurturing ways are making the relationship coming together on its own.

Leo Virgo Cusp Compatibility

Venus and Mercury say that long term love and marriage is in your destiny.  Once the two of you start to come together, you are going to see that you talk more about marriage and staying together forever. You both begin to feel like you can enter a new state of happiness because of who you are for one another. 

The Leo will be the first to mention the idea of marriage.  The Virgo will often say that they are accepting of your proposal. The reason for this is that the Virgo is more laid back. It wants to be pursued. It wants to feel like someone desires them forever. 

The Leo will often feel that their connection to the Virgo is from a past life.  The reason for this is that the two don’t like to be away from one another. Memories will often arise that did not happen yet in this lifetime. Eventually, the two begin to see that their connection has happened a few times already. 

If you begin to study about past lives and how astrology bonds the two of you together, you will come to see that your love and past life put you together now.

Make the Leo and Virgo Relationship Last Forever

If you want to make the Leo and Virgo relationship last forever, you are going to have to find hobbies that you can do together. You will have a lot of “spice” in the relationship. You will both make the relationship turn out to be good. However, you will come to feel that your energy is pulled together.

You need to start letting people know about your romance.  You need to let negative family and friends know that your relationship is here to stay.  If you have friends and relatives that want to split the two of you apart, its time to distance yourself from them.

It’s always a good idea to show others what you feel and is on your mind. Let others know about your plans and if you intend to marry.  Telling friends and family about this early in the game will allow them to see that your significant other is around for the long haul.

How to Get the Virgo Man to Speak up For Himself

The Leo woman will often see that her Virgo man is not always standing up for himself. He is kind of shy and doesn’t like confrontation. If you expect him to defend you against others, you will have to think again. You will have to learn how to be the defender of the house.  Yes, this may not be a role that you are used to. However, the Virgo wants to be liked, loved and not pushed around.  He wants to show that he is more laid back. 

Virgo men tend to like trying to find a peaceful resolution without fighting or having chaos. He is often the kind of person that wants to prove himself to you with loyalty and no fear. He doesn’t want you to be afraid of him. He wants others to respect him out of his kindness.

Leo Women Can Be Tough

When a Leo woman gets something stuck in her mind, she tends to keep those thoughts. She often doesn’t like to think outside of the way that she feels. She often likes to defend her turf with what is happening inside of her.  She likes to feel that something is going to happen when you least expect. 

Leo women can be angry at times. When they get angry, then tend to push back and cause a scene.  She is quick to love and slow to forgive.  If the Leo woman finds her man being pushed around, she will often come to his defense.  She will let everyone around her know who the boss is. 

Always work on trying to learn more about the world in which the two of you want to create.  It’s good for the Leo woman and Virgo man to have a sit-down talk about what they want to achieve in their lives. They both want to have a new beginning and something that will always belong. 

A Leo man and Virgo man the kind of connection that makes others wonder about their own love life. They make other people envy the kind of care that they have for one another.

Leo and Virgo marriage will last forever.  It is the kind of love that is only seen seldomly. Most people say that a love relationship between these two is hard to find. You could say that because the universe is the one that paired the two of you together. 

Learn how to share thoughts of the past. Don’t dwell on any negativity. If your relationship hits a roadblock, deal with it and move on from what you know to be hard to deal with.  It’s always important to look at your life and say that you both have a purpose.

You should know that taking classes together will help to keep your relationship alive. You can share what you both learned in school with one another. You are both soulmates and tend to want to better yourself. Virgos love to read and write. Leos are more listeners and tend to make good students. 

Leos like to feel that they can easily turn around and give their heart to people that wants to learn more about the future for themselves. It’s always good to see that you can learn what the future has in store for you. 

Learning how to give of yourself is a sure way of expressing who you are as a person.  If you learn how to get along in any situation, you will see that you can have friends around you at any time.  Life is what you make it. When you put your talents and abilities together, you can do anything. You can start businesses or have a creative side to your lives.  Vacations are always helpful because they allow the two of you to have an unconditional love that seems to only come out when you are together at the same time. 

Virgo in love with Leo is not an understatement. The two have a love that will always last forever.

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