Year of the Rabbit

The gracious and well-mannered Rabbit occupies the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.  Twelve animals raced to cross the finish line according to the Zodiac legend. During the race, the Rabbit experienced hardship when he came across the river. He watched helplessly as the Rat, Ox and Tiger swam across the river with ease. Fortunately, he saw a dumped raft near the riverbank and thought he would use the raft to cross the river in delight. Nevertheless, the spirited, careful Rabbit had not expected the sudden wind rush that threatened to blow him into the water. Entirely determined to cross the river, the Rabbit resiliently paddled away on the raft. However, what seemed like a little hurricane came speeding towards him almost tipping the raft over living the Rabbit hanging on for its dear life.

Fortuitously, the dragon saw the Rabbit struggling as it was flying past at the moment. The dragon immediately came down quickly to help the Rabbit forgetting its yearning to win the race. The dragon blew a massive gust of wind towards the hurricane from his nostrils, making sure the path of the Rabbit across the river was clear and no other harm would come to him. Full of gratitude, the Rabbit looks up and started paddling again. The dragon remained there the entire period to ensure the hurricane or wind did not return. A moment later, the Rabbit made it to the riverbank at the other end and hopped away to finish fourth place after the tiger. This is the reason why the heart of the Rabbit holds a special place for the dragon and vice versa up to today.

The years of the Rabbit in the twelve-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign include; 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035. Rabbits are probably the most refined as compared to all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Occupying the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rabbit is seen as elegant, gracious and laid back. For the Chinese, the Rabbit represents hope for a long time. According to the Chinese legend, Chang’ e, the moon goddess had a rabbit as a pet which brought the thoughts that the Rabbit was sufficiently amiable to match the beauty of the goddess. They are signified by Yin which highpoints the femininity signs and inward focus. They possess a unique air of grace that is unrivalled by their colleagues. Unlike the power-driven rat or the conflict and robust -driven tiger, the Rabbit only wants a peaceful and harmonious life. This is the reason why they go through life with ease as they have amicable and friendly relations.

People born in the year of the Rabbit are elegant, decent, approachable and noble. They do not like any conflicts either are they aggressive. Any confrontation or conflict often has the Rabbit running for cover more quickly than you can say the word ‘carrot’. It is usual for them to retreat to their warrens when they feel threatened in any way. They won’t come out until the dust has settled and it’s safe to come out. But this does not mean the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit retreat because of cowardice in any way. No! The Rabbit has an incredibly strong will despite being docile. They do not display their confidence openly like the Rooster and Dragon who often parade their exuberant signs with more vitality and waft.

The Chinese zodiac rabbit likes having what they want, especially the good things in life.   They enjoy living in beautiful homes, pleasant streets away from the violence of the world as they chat with friends and take a cup of tea while passing the time. Rabbit can keep poise and calm when everything is crushing all around them. When everybody else is being rough and brash, the Rabbit is the distinguished gentlemen and ladies of substance that will remain poised and elegant. More so, anybody who knows the Rabbit is aware of their considerable charm and wit that provides fantastic company. Rabbits love cooking, and in case they don’t cook themselves, they will make sure that the most delicious food is delivered to them. An invitation to the home of Rabbit means that you will have an enjoyable time and delicious dinner.

Chinese zodiac rabbits are not modernized when it comes to love matters. Despite the situation, they do not have a tendency of hopping into bed with anybody on the first date. They are quite conservative and do not fall in love at first sight. Instead, they believe in courtship.

The Rabbit male has an attractive thing about him regardless of whether he dresses smartly or not. He has old fashioned values and sort of aura and searches for a love partner to go out with, court and get to know them before ultimately agreeing for an official commitment. There might be characteristics such as unnatural robustness and quietness in his quest to begin a family and settle down. He tends to be the caretaker and provider of his partner, and though the partner will have to live up with some rules and regulations, they will enjoy a happy and comfortable relationship.

The rabbit female is an embodiment of elegance. The fact that the female Rabbit loves the luxurious things in life, she can easily prefer a wealthy businessperson over a pretty rogue who has no money. The more beautiful things in life are an essential part of her existence. Additionally, a partner of the female Rabbit must be empathetic to leave her alone when she is moody. If anybody displays boorishness and insensitivity, they can never match.

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit are stylish, sophisticated, expressive, classy and well mannered. They like learning about the culture of their people and that of other countries. Rabbits should work on building on their self-confidence and self-worth so that they become more secure. Their desire for staying in a comfortable and safe environment prevents the Rabbit from taking risks. This could often see them miss on some excellent opportunities.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Though very sexual, rabbits tend to give more of themselves than they should. This often leads to unhealthy situations and unrealistic expectations. For the pairing and love to be strong, rabbits hence need to partner who will not take advantage of their extra generous and giving nature.


People of the year of the Rabbit are most fortunate in their careers. This is due to their easy-going, an articulate personality that most corporations and companies’ value. As opposed to be the leaders themselves, rabbits prefer positions where they can use their excellent communication, people-friendly and perfect diplomatic skills to help develop the companies. The fact that rabbits are well-spoken and well-mannered people who make excellent mediators. This is the reason why rabbits make some of the outstanding politicians and diplomats. They are also good at maintaining the same role for a long time as opposed to hopping from one job to another.  Other suitable rabbit carriers include; administrator, doctor, therapist, actor, publisher, writer, teacher, public relations and writer.


 Rabbits are usually not stressed or upset visibly. Instead, they tend to keep their feelings inside. These feelings can cause the rabbits to fall ill, especially if they do not express or share these feelings. Rabbits can benefit from the day to day activity which would improve their health and reduce their stress levels.


People born under the year of the Rabbit are gentle, compassionate, sensitive, modest, amiable and merciful. They love having a humorous life and cannot bear to have a dull life. They have an exciting and romantic spice and are known to be welcoming and self-spoken. They can convert an enemy to a friend and hate conflicts. They are hospitable, do not get angry quickly and work with efficiency.


Rabbit people are ardent and do not have total determination. They have a soft appearance but a stubborn inward personality. Rather than submitting to dull life, they create romance and fun. Their lack of meditative abilities makes them cause failures and lose money into ideas during their careers. More so, their reserved personality might make them lose precious chances in life. They often escape reality as they are not useful in probing into issues deeply.

Rabbits and The Five Elements

Metal Rabbit-1951, 2011

The Metal rabbit is the most robust and sturdiest of all the rabbits and will get into a conflict more readily than the others. The Rabbit is highly intelligent with strong ambitions in which it can tend to be ruthless in its way towards achieving them. However, the desire is, in most cases, concealed by their cool intellect. The Metal rabbit does not open to someone quickly and is prone to mood swings. However, if they do open up, they display their ardent and profoundly passionate nature. Though other people’s opinions do not concern them, art acts as a significant emotional inspiration to them.

Fire Rabbit- 1927, 1987

This Chinese zodiac rabbit has a strong sense of self, is fun-loving and excitable as compared to their elemental counterparts. The Rabbit has more drive and energy, which are masked in its collected and calm behavior. Fire Rabbits express their ideas perfectly, and its dynamism and natural warmth act as an inspiration to others who rally around him. However, this Rabbit does not like confrontations and prefers diplomacy in solving disputes.

Wood Rabbit – 1975, 2035

The Chinese Zodiac Wood Rabbit is an amazingly kind-hearted and the most charitable of all the rabbits.  This Rabbit is generous and warm, often getting out of its way to assist the needy. This is the type of person who can give out the last pack of their meal. However, its level of generosity could see others trying to take advantage; hence the Rabbit should watch out. Wooden Rabbit loves being around others and working as a team. However, they often avoid speaking their mind out for fear of offending others or causing conflicts.

Water Rabbit – 1963, 2023

The Water Rabbit is the most sensitive, fragile and emotional compared to other elemental characters. This Rabbit is viewed to possess high intuition such that they will know when others are lying. Their feelings can be easily hurt, and hence, others should be careful with what they say when around them. Though it has a sharp mind and keen logic skills, the water rabbit is often overpowered by the ocean of emotions, tends to dwell on past hurting, is resentful and becomes moody very fast. However, their ability to appeal to feelings of other people gives them strong power to rally others. If they can balance their logic skill and emotions, they will be very successful.

Earth Rabbit -1939, 1999

The earth rabbit is a reasonable and logical rabbit that is dedicated and constant in their endeavors. They rarely show they are over-emotional displays by turning inwards rather than outwards. These rabbits typically remain orderly in their activities but can sometimes be quite materialistic that a sense of selfishness clips in. However, when told about their shortcoming, the Chinese zodiac earth rabbit acknowledges them and will do everything to rectify them. This is one of the qualities that earn great rabbit respect from others.

Compatibility with Other Animals

Every Chinese zodiac sign has incompatible and compatible signs depending on their characteristic’s compatibility. If you find out that your symptoms are compatible, you have a higher probability of getting along well. For incompatible signs, you will have to put a lot of effort into staying together peacefully. The best match for the Rabbit is the Goat and Pig. The average match is the Dog, Tiger, Monkey, Dragon, Snake, Ox, Rat and Horse. Rooster is the no-match sign for the Rabbit.

Famous People Born in A Year of The Rabbit

  • Queen Victoria
  • Lionel Andrés Messi
  • Brad Pitt
  •  Sara Gilbert
  • Tiger Woods
  • Johnny Depp
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Jet Li
  • Michael Jordan
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Whitney Houston

In conclusion, the year of the rabbit has been discussed about for some time now and different narratives given on the same. With this article, you should be better placed to understand what it entails. Have a look at it today!

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