How to Become a Psychic Expert

Being a psychic expert takes time and practice.  You may not know it now, but you can become an expert in anything that you do if you put the time into it.  When I was first starting out in my psychic career, I spent many hours a day giving people free psychic readings.  The reason why I did this is so that I could get a lot of practice reading people and energies. I wanted to become a master at what I did.  I wanted to let people see that I had a spiritual gift that could help them.

As I grew in my gift, people began calling me a psychic expert. Today, I am considered one of the best clairvoyants.  When you spend time doing what you believe you are called to do, you become an expert at it.  You must have a passion for something that you want to succeed in. 

My Teenage Years in Preparing for Psychic Readings

When I was a teenager, I would get revelations of being able to touch people with my psychic gift.  I would often feel called to give psychic readings for a living. I knew that I would not have a regular nine to five job. Instead, I was to give my life to serving others through clairvoyance. 

Each day, I would train through meditation, prayer, walking alone in the woods to clear my mind long enough to be able to give someone an accurate psychic reading. 

When people came to me, I would tell them what I saw through my sixth sense.  I would open my mouth and words would start to come out. Most people said that my words were helpful. Others said that what I saw for their lives made a lot of sense. 

As a child, most people would ask me questions about their love life. Today, psychic readings are mostly all about love.  If you ask someone what they want to ask a psychic, they would often talk about their romantic lives. 

It’s Not Easy Being a Psychic Today

Being a psychic in the 21st century is hard.  We have a world today that is consumed with dating and hopping from one relationship to the next.  We are no longer a “work with what you got” society. Our society has turned into, “If you don’t like what you got, dump them and find someone else.”  However, this has caused mankind to become sad, angry and fed up with dating. 

Most of my clients say that their love life is a mess. They often feel angry, alone and like nobody cares about them. They walk around with their “smiley” face and yet say a little bit about what they are going through to friends and family. 

Psychics Have Become “Mini Counselors” For Millions of People

Believe it or not, people are abusing the psychic hotline and making it more a phone line for dumping their problems on someone. When I first started to give psychic readings to people, they would often come in with an open mind and let you tell them what you see.

Today, most clients that call psychics or chat with clairvoyants on their computer start out by complaining about a guy/girl that isn’t calling them. They talk about how depressed and angry they are at life. They discuss their work problems and situations with friends that are not going well.

The psychic industry has turned into a dumping ground for people that are not happy at that moment. I say at that moment because psychics get calls from people at their worst moments.  It’s not like someone is calling the psychic hotline to just get their fortune read. No, men and women call the psychic hotline when they have reached rock bottom and are angry and fed up with life.  Psychics must endure the pain of talking to people when they are at their worst.  Most clients that call the psychic hotline are disrespectful, angry and want answers right now. 

The psychic industry has gone through many changes over the past few decades. Most men and women calling today are not looking to hear what the psychic has to say. Instead, they want to tell you what you should be seeing and start dumping their problems on you as if you were a psychologist. 

Psychic Experts Online Are Hearing People’s Anger

When someone enters a psychic’s chat room online, they often do so because they want to vent about the poor life choices that they have made or that have been done to them. Psychics today have become punching bags for people that want to have someone to cry to. 

Since a great portion of the population in the United States are not going to churches to speak to their pastors, they are often turning to the psychic lines for help. 

If you are trying to become a psychic today, know that you are going to have a hard time accepting this new reality. 

I started giving psychic readings in the 1980’s.  The world was different then in how they viewed psychics. Back then, psychics were look as the person that you went to for a reading. You would sit there, listen to what the spiritual adviser had to say and then take the information and wait for it to happen.

If you are a psychic in practice or one that is up and coming, this is a reality of where the world is today with astrology type websites. 

Psychic experts online help people to see that there is a solution to the problems that they are facing on a day to day basis.  People often feel happy that they have gone to an online psychic today because they were able to dump their problems on someone and yet its all anonymous.

You can literally enter a psychic chat room and tell them all your dirty little secrets and none of your family or friends would ever know that you spoke to someone about what you are going through. It reminds me of going to confession in a Catholic church.

You Should Find the Best Psychic Love Expert

 Psychic love experts are not easy to find.  You must find a spiritual adviser that won’t bring their own “love baggage” into your reading.  You will find that many psychics have love problems as well.   They will often bring in solutions that they have used in their own love lives. They will often give you advice based on their own personal experiences. However, you should find a love psychic expert that won’t do that. You need an expert that will read the energy in the universe on what is happening with you. 

Getting psychic readings takes time. You need to always look at the world that we live in and make choices and decisions that will benefit your life. 

I often look for psychics with a 5-star reputation. I like clairvoyants because it’s a true spiritual gift.  Many people still use tarot card readers and astrology for their reading.

How to Make Your Psychic Reading Skills Stronger

In order to become a psychic that predicts something right 99% of the time, you are going to have to relax your energies daily.  It’s important to do prayer, meditation, readings and be with nature every day. 

Some of the best psychics are those that have spent time with spirit and have a true calling for what they do. In today’s world, you have a lot of frauds that claim to be psychic and are not. It’s hard for clients to tell what psychics are real since everyone can create a profile.  It’s hard to find someone that is legitimate.

It’s important to choose a spiritual adviser that has answers from the start.  You need to perfect your skills so that your clients will call you an expert. 

Here are some steps to take when trying to grow your psychic gifts and abilities:

  • Ask God for Direction
  • Meditate
  • Give Free Psychic Readings to People
  • Spend Time Alone Reading Spiritual Books
  • Tell Someone What You See and Not What They Want to Hear

If you want to become a top psychic expert in your field, you will have to stand out from others. As simple as it may sound, you must be an honest person that tells people what you see and not what they want to hear.

Most psychics are known for “sugar coating” and not telling people the truth in what they see.  They do this to make their client feel better. Perhaps they see their client breaking up with someone that they are dating. Instead of telling their client what they see, they tell them lies and say, “I see him coming back to you and even calling you in a week.”  This prediction of course never happens and then the psychic looks fake. Nobody likes to hear bad news. However, its better to be honest than to be known as a liar. 

If you must give someone bad news, is there anything that you see in your vision that can be positive?  Perhaps a new love interest will be coming in instead of the bad relationship that you are seeing. There is nothing wrong with telling your client that even though you see bad news, you also have good news to tell them.  Sometimes, psychic readings are mixed with both good and bad news.

You will also have to find a place that you see as comfortable with giving psychic readings.  I like to give psychic readings in my living room on a comfortable recliner. In this way, I can put my feet up and close my eyes with the lights off. When I get a vision for someone, I tell them what I see and in return, my clients can appreciate accuracy. 

A psychic friend of mine in Texas does her readings in the backyard. She lives in a quiet area and likes to sit outside on her patio. She doesn’t have anyone bothering her and she tells people what she sees for their lives. 

You also must decide on whether you like giving psychic readings in person, on phone or in a chat room.  Most psychics prefer giving a psychic reading on the telephone or in person. The reason for this is because its hard to see a vision in your mind and type it at the same time.  If you read tarot cards, its not easy to lay out tarot cards and type at the same time. This can often take time and it can be annoying. 

How Many Psychic Readings Should You Give in a Week to Become an Expert?

You should give at least one psychic reading a day to become an expert psychic.  The legendary psychic Edgar Cayce said that you shouldn’t give more than 2 psychic readings a day.  Everyone has a different number. However, I find that giving more than two thirty-minute psychic readings a day puts a lot of stress on the spirit and often makes you feel excessively tired. 

You need to take breaks when you are giving psychic readings. If you bombard yourself with giving to many readings in a day, you are going to get tired, burned out and angry.

Keep a Diary of Your Successes

When you start giving people psychic readings, you begin meeting many new people. After a while, you forget about the psychic readings that you gave.  It’s important to record them in a diary. 

You will be happy to know that at the end of the year; you may have given over 300 psychic readings. Once you have given around 300 or more psychic readings, you can consider yourself an expert and you can even use the title psychic love expert.  You will find that people do come back to you when you are accurate. Some men and women even build businesses on repeat clientele.  Most psychics that give readings full time are doing it for pay.  Today, most full-time psychics are working for a network. 

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