What is the November Zodiac Sign?

The November Zodiac Sign

People born in November are usually associated with two zodiac signs: the Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio is associated with Pluto while the Sagittarius is associated with Jupiter as their planet. Each of these celestial bodies has different values and governs different traits of your personality.

Pluto is a planet associated with the Greek god Hades. It is a mysterious planet and associated with darkness. This planet influences such qualities and traits such as determination, mystery, secretiveness and aggressive tendencies. Jupiter on the hand is a planet associated with positivity. This planet influences qualities and trait related to optimism and inspiration. Due to the positive vibes you exude, people will always look up to you for motivation.

If you are born on 22 November, you belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Due to your proximity with the 21 November zodiac, you are also on the Scorpio-Astrological cusp. This cusp is rule by the planets Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter governs the Sagittarius personality, and, on the hand, Pluto oversees the Scorpio personality trait. Nevertheless, people born in 22 November are Sagittarians and usually have traits associated with the Sagittarius and the Jupiter planet.

What Does the Sagittarius Sign Mean?

Its symbol is a centaur (Archer). It is represented as a half-man half-horse creature with a bow and arrow pointing out to the sky. The basic themes that will dominate your life will be high intellectual, ethics, and adventure. Contrary to the earlier zodiac Scorpio, people born on 22 November are enthusiastic and optimistic about life. They tend to have a persistent urge to preserve their convictions and beliefs. They are also sincere and tend to be bold. Most of the time, you will voice out your opinions straight without thinking of the repercussions if you are a Sagittarius. Since you are leaving the Scorpio zodiac behind, you begin to be an explorer and adventurous in nature.

November 22 babies always focus on the bigger picture and resent short sightedness or people who fail to see things in the long term. You have inability to focus on a single task. This gives you the unwanted reputation of being clumsy. The most symbolic trait associated with Sagittarius zodiac is the free and adventurous spirit. This means that they tend to fear responsibility and will tend to avoid it until it is completely necessary.  Due to this, they tend to be unable to deal with serious issues that they encounter in the course of their life.

They also tend to be too idealistic and sometimes not think realistically. They believe that they can do everything and fit everything in their schedule. These results in having to postpone tasks assigned. In the end, this leads to accusations of lack of organization and discipline.  Another feature of people who have Sagittarius Zodiac prominent in their birth is the tendency to exaggerate situations. They easily become anxious and will make a big deal out of situations and will possibly blow it out of proportion.    

Traits of a November 22 Zodiac Person                       

The most conspicuous trait of a November 22 zodiac is the adventurous free spirit. They are very innovative and creative. You also come out as daring and love to explore.  Due to their association with Sagittarius, they feel trapped when closed. This is especially regarding long-term commitments. A key to understanding this zodiac trait is their childish nature.  They are like a cheeky and adventurous child who does not want to grow up. It is all about the fear of responsibility and ‘adult’ commitments. They are also an astute intellectual who is an avid reader. You know so much and wish to know all there is without limits. The driving factor is their wish to make the world a better place. They have a great love for justice and fairness, which is in line with the Sagittarian traits. It suffices to say that they are not the type to stand by and watch while an injustice is committed.

Being the honorable people means that they treat people with dignity. People will always reciprocate this gesture and in return, treat them with respect. On the downside, you have problems conceding defeat. As a Sagittarius person, you need to learn to change the things you can, those you cannot learn to live with them. You also tend to be too idealistic and, in some situations, you are unrealistic in your thinking. You need to realize that; you are an optimistic and believe you solve the world’s problems, which may not always be the case. The world is not perfect. People who also have their birthdays falling on the days from 22 November up to 2 December share these November 22 zodiac traits.

Traits of 22 November Zodiac Children

A November 22 zodiac child will usually be adventurous right from birth. They will appreciate the values of satisfaction they get from things accomplished at an early age. As a child, they will enthusiastic about school and active regarding intellectual matters.

In his/her tens, they will require a lot of freedom as they detest being tied down by restrictions and limitations. This tends to bring about a lot of friction with their parents, who view it as rebellion. Nevertheless, on the brighter side, they are most likely to use the acquired freedom wisely.

What is it Like Having Friend From this November Zodiac?

People from the November zodiac Sagittarius make excellent friends. They are also the best companion for adventure due to their adventurous nature. They exhibit a great understanding for destinations and seem to know everything from facts to the different cultures. You are a fun person to have around and an enjoyable company.

How is a Number 22 Person’s Love Life?

As a lover, they are expressive and open-minded. Also, they are not likely to have any dirty or filthy secrets. This is because they are bold and are likely to say what you want without fear. For them, committing to a long-term relationship is the last resort. They are not fond of ‘closed spaces. Due to this, they are always on the lookout for an exit strategy as soon as they fall in love. To them, commitments represent chains and as such, they will always be wondering what it is they will have asked to forfeit

You try to put off long-term commitments for as long as you possibly can. Nonetheless, when you finally settle down, it is for good. After all, your zodiac sign has the famed cupid’s arrow. When it finally catches up with you, the cupid’s arrow will be firmly lodged into the Centaurs heart forever. People born in November 22 do not like stale relationship. You will always be on the lookout for creative ways to bring excitement to the relationship. You are playful and like humor. Due to this, they blossom in a relationship that has a lot of fun and excitement.

Traits of a November 22 Man

A typical November 22 man is an avid intellect and a journeyman.  His enthusiasm knows no limits. They are conservative in nature and a bit old-fashioned. Most of the time, he will keep himself in a good physical condition and is well groomed.

He takes his career seriously. This is because most of the time, they choose career based on what they love to most. These carrier aspirations will often drive them away from family engagements. In terms of love, he can be a bit complicated. In addition, he detests closed spaces and views love as leash around their necks. He can be good company when around and usually have a strong moral sense.

How to Win His Heart

Being a Sagittarian man, his best match will be an open-minded person. This counters the leash and chains mentality he has about love. He will love someone who will expand his thinking by challenging him intellectually to be adventurous and help him learn new things. A November 22 man can be chivalrous at times but if you want to his heart, do not try to tie him down. Let him be the explorer he is and join in his adventures.

Traits of a November 22 Woman

In keeping true to her nature, she will be outgoing, friendly, sociable, and adventurous just like her male counterpart. She has a tendency of being blunt and straight to the point. She will say something as she thinks it is and care less what the repercussions of her opinions will be. Similarly, she is a journey woman and loves travelling. She is creative and very curious in nature. In addition, she is not afraid to try new things or take risks. She lives for the future not foreseen and for the promise of a greener pasture. For this reason, she likely to drop you if she thinks the next person offers a better deal.

Due to her freedom loving and free spirit nature, she behaves like the proverbial magician’s assistant. Smile at you at one moment and in an instant, pull the disappearing act before you can say Habra Cadabra. Among the careers that suite her are media, teaching, marketing, tours and travel sector among others. Anything that gives her mind the freedom to fly away, travel and explore will work for her. She loves people and crowds. When depressed she will prefer to be around friends to cheer her up rather than hide in a secluded corner and fell sorry for herself.

Ideally, she prefers not to really belong in a specific group or clique but to be at home among all people. When in solace she appreciates a nice evening show or a good book by the fireplace to unwind and relax. Try boxing her and putting her down to commit and she will drop you instantly like a very hot potato. She is impossible to pin down.

Compatibility and Relationship With Other Zodiacs

A person belonging to the November 22 zodiac sign will predominantly be a Sagittarian. The relationship with other zodiacs ranges from perfect match to complicated and antagonistic relationship.

The Aries: This is a particularly perfect and compatible match. They share several similar characteristics and traits such as being free spirits and love for adventure. They also have similar needs that perfectly combine their strengths for a long-lasting relationship.

The Taurus: This is an antagonistic match. They have completely different outlook on matters love and life. This match will constantly be marked by struggles between aspects of freedom and possessiveness. Nonetheless, if the attraction is very strong, both signs do possess the will and convictions to make their relationship to work

The Gemini: Though opposite in nature, this match complements each other very well. The relationship will be filled with contrasts that work to help both signs understand and broaden their knowledge of each other as they farther their intellectual needs.

The Cancer: This is a highly unconventional match. However, it has the potential to have happy ending. These two elements will however have to demonstrate the patience required to make the relationship work.

The Leo:  This is also a compatible combination. Their energies attract each other in an instant. Theirs is usually love at first sight that is marked with enthusiasm and filled with passion.

The Virgo: They have markedly differing views on life and love. However, these can benefit them if both parties decide to put in the extra shifts to overcome their differences.

The Libra: These two share a natural chemistry that lasts a lifetime.

The Scorpio: They are naturally not compatible due to their mentalities that are miles apart.  However, they still have a good chance of finding a common ground. In the end, they form a well-rounded and balanced relationship.

With a fellow Sagittarius: They are most compatible and a perfect match. Both of you will be excited about it and will revel in it every day of your lives.it is like an amusement park fun that never ceases.

The Capricorn: Usually, this relationship kicks off on the wrong foot but eventually, you can find a common ground. The results will be rewarding for all involved.

The Aquarius: This is match full of promise. Both zodiac signs are fond of freedom, like philosophy and adore intellectualism. Both signs will always pursue love for personal growth.

The Pisces: This is a multifaceted and contrasting match. The Pisces sign will have to adjust to the needs of Sagittarius freedom. On the other hand, Sagittarius sign will have to recognize and respect Pisces sensitive emotions.

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