Are Psychic Kids Real?

Edgar Cayce himself predicted that in the later part of the 20th century, there would be an uprising of psychic children. I would have to say that in the 21st century, we can say that his prediction came to pass. 

Psychic kids are beginning to pop up all over the world.  Many psychic children feel that they can tap into the spiritual world and give a clairvoyant reading about someone that may be coming through in the spirit world. Many parents believe that their child has clairvoyant/mediumship abilities.  There is nothing wrong with knowing this fact. Most psychic kids these days are afraid to talk about what they see.  It’s not easy to grow up feeling “psychic”. 

It takes an understanding parent to accept the gifts of their child.  Sometimes a parent may wonder if their child has a mental illness. In order to find out, check with your doctor first.  Also, check to see if there can be any validation to what your child is saying.

Often, psychic kids will say something that can be proven. I once knew a psychic kid in New York that told me that he could pick up on the dead. He said that he could see and talk to dead people. I asked him if he could give me the name of someone or something that he thought was real. 

He gave me the name of a person that kept on coming to him.  Yes, this kid was picking up on something that nobody else could see.  He gave me the owner of the home that lived they’re in the year 1901.  This child was only 10 years old. He had no idea that he was actually picking up on the old owner of the house. 

The owners of the home in 1901 was not easy to find. I had to do some digging in city hall to see if what he was saying was accurate. He didn’t know that he was seeing the owners of the home, but I had a psychic feeling that he was talking with someone that used to own the home.

Often, spirits tend to linger around homes in which they still believe that they still own. Sometimes a spirit doesn’t want to leave even though they are dead.  Spirits will often haunt homes or make a family feel completely uncomfortable when they are around. 

Did you know that some families must fight off spirits because they don’t want to leave?  Some families often see that a spiritual energy or entity is in their home and doesn’t want to leave.

I believe that adults are seeing less spirits because they are not as in tune as they are when they were a child. In the 1980’s, most kids that were born in the 1970’s were encouraged to go to church or to practice spirituality.  However, in the later part of the 20th century, kids were often told not to go to church, Sunday school or care about religion. I believe that somewhere along the line, kids stopped getting in touch with the spirit world. 

However, some kids that kept their spirituality intact actually can communicate with the dead or see spirits.  They are not blinded by their parents or by anyone else that can tell them what is real or fake. 

Psychic kids have the tendency to not be afraid to talk to evil or good spirts. They have the open heart to see what comes to them. I like the fact that a child can tell you what they are feeling based on what they see. 

I find that psychic kids often lead their parents and others to solutions to a problem.  If you know anything about the late psychic Edgar Cayce, you would know that he was able to communicate with his dead grandfather when he was a child. 

He didn’t know much about his grandfather and when he told his parents that he could see and talk to them, they knew that he had psychic gifts.  Many children today are a lot like Edgar Cayce.  Even the hit show “Psychic Kids” is fun to watch because it showcases kids that have these kinds of spiritual gifts. 

I must say that out of all the people that I met in my life, kids seem to be the most psychic and authentic about what they see.  If they see something, they will often say it because they are not trying to mask anything. They often feel like they have something to offer the world because they see their gift as being something that they can use to help people.

Do You Have a Clairvoyant Child?

If you have a clairvoyant child, it is a blessing.  You should know that not all clairvoyant children speak to the dead. In fact, mediums and clairvoyants are two completely different gifts.  A clairvoyant can often pick up on information using their sixth sense and third eye. This means that when they close their eyes, they can often see visions or words that come to them. These words often tell the clairvoyant that they are tapping into something that can be helpful to another person.

Often, love readings are given clairvoyantly.  You may notice that during a psychic reading, the clairvoyant is not picking up on dead people. Instead, they are picking up on a lover’s questions about how they are loved or if they are loved by their spouse.  They are often visualizing and seeing something through their sixth sense. 

A medium however will be able to speak to the dead. You may have headed a psychic say, “I am clairvoyant, but don’t talk to the dead.”  This means that they can see living energy.  They can’t tap into a dead person because its not their gift or area of expertise.

You may be shocked to find out that many kids don’t know the difference between being a clairvoyant and a medium.  If you have a child that is struggling to find their own spiritual gift, see what they are saying to you first. If they are telling you that they can see dead people, then your child has mediumship ability. If they are saying that they are hearing messages from a spiritual energy that is telling them someone is in pain or having a problem with their business, its clairvoyant. 

Your child may be able to tell you that something is going to happen with your job. Perhaps you just got a raise and your child tells you, “Mom/Dad, quit your job because you are about to get fired.”  You may say to yourself, “How can that be possible if I just got a raise.”  The message may not make sense to you. 

However, a few weeks go by and you find out that your boss is firing you “cold turkey”.  He/she says that they are sorry that they must let you go because they just lost a major account and their business is not going well.  It will come as a shock to you, but your child was able to pick up on this information. 

It’s always a shock when your child tells you something that is clairvoyant.  You may not know how they picked up on that information. However, you are thankful that they told you what they saw. 

Amazingly, the clairvoyant gift often doesn’t run in families.  If your child is psychic, you may wonder how they came to have this ability.  At times you may question if the ability is real or fake. You may come to find out that your child was picking up on information without ever begin exposed to other psychics or the mediumship world.

At times like this, you must accept that your child is special and able to communicate with those that have crossed over to the other side. Your child may be able to tune into their third eye and sixth sense without even knowing it.  It’s a spiritual gift that is often misunderstood.

Most people misunderstand spiritual gifts. They often wonder if psychics are real, fake or some truth.  Many psychics in the world today believe that they were born psychic. Psychics will often tell you that they received their clairvoyant gift as a child.  They may tell you that they also felt a special connection to the spirit world when growing up.  They may tell you that when they close their eyes, they can see information that is helpful for people.

Most psychics readings prove to have some truth to it. However, most psychic readings are about 50% accurate. This is okay. If you can find just 1 thing that a psychic says to be accurate, this is worth hearing the reading. It’s worth hearing what a clairvoyant has to say. 

Don’t shun your child from speaking their mind. It’s important to welcome this gift because you will find that your child is able to help people. Most children that have a spiritual gift such as clairvoyance or mediumship are often called to give psychic readings as adults. Consider this to be the preparation stage for them. 

You may find that religious communities of spiritualism like Lily Dale are helpful for your child if they are beginning to see and hear from spirits.  If you have questions about your child’s unique gift, its best to talk to them about it and find experts that can help guide you along the way.

You will often find that people are open to speaking about their gifts because they do help people.  I have found that most people today are open to talking about psychic gifts because millions of people do believe in the supernatural. Many people believe that there is life beyond this world. 

It’s important to look at the spirit world as being often misunderstood but needs to have some sort of explanation to it. 

I find that the world today is in a state of change.  People are more open minded for truth today. They want to see what the spirit world has in store for them and they want to know if what they are doing is helping people.

The beauty of a spiritual gift is that it does help people. Psychics all over the world will tell you that helping another person is why they use their gifts. Most psychics give free psychic readings until they are ready to give perfect psychic readings. Most clairvoyants will tell you that they don’t charge for their readings until it takes up a lot of their time. Remember, most psychic readings take 30 to 60 minutes to do. If you are giving 3 or 4 readings a day, it becomes a part time job. Therefore, charging money for a psychic reading is often necessary. 

There is nothing wrong with practicing your clairvoyant gifts on people that are open to hearing what you have to say. Often, you can take your child around friends and family members that want to receive a psychic reading. They may ask your child to tell them what they see. You will find that your child’s special gift will assist someone that is hurting and in need of answers.

I had a friend one time that lost her daughter in a car accident. Her daughter was only 17 years old. However, when a psychic kid tapped into her daughter’s energy, she could tell her details that she knew belonged to her daughter. She even told her their name.  When you get specific details like that, its not wonder why the medium gets such high recognition on television shows.  Look at psychics like John Edward and Tyler Henry. When someone gets a psychic reading with them, they feel happy.  They are getting answers that they never thought was possible.

As you can see, psychic kids are real and have abilities that most people don’t understand. It’s important to be supportive of a child that is psychic and try to make them feel as comfortable with their gifts as you possibly can.

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