What is a Clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is someone that can investigate the past, present and future through spiritual means. Someone that claims to have clairvoyant abilities is often a person that uses their sixth sense and third eye to see into the spiritual realm for answers.

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When a clairvoyant look into the spiritual world, they can see information about someone’s love life or their financial concerns. Clairvoyants can often feel and sense that something is about to happen.

In the 21st century, psychic companies have made it popular for someone to call a psychic to get a reading. A psychic reading is an in depth investigate a person’s spiritual realm. Many psychic men and women can see into the future for someone that they find to be appealing. They will often use their sixth sense to see the future for people that are wanting to learn more about themselves.

Clairvoyants are often born with an ability to sense something for someone and tell a person what they see for their lives. A person may go to a clairvoyant reader and say, “Can you please tell me if a man/woman is going to come into my life that will give me a loving relationship?” The clairvoyant will often close their eyes and tell the person what they see. Perhaps a man/woman is about to enter their life that is looking for love and it will lead to a marriage.

When Edgar Cayce started to give clairvoyant psychic readings, many people claimed that it felt as though he was reading their birth chart. They thought of him as being able to scan their mind, body and spirit to see the future for them. Therefore, the term “psychic reading” is used today. Edgar Cayce was world famous psychic in the 20th century. He is the most documented psychic in American history. There are over 14,000 recorded psychic readings that he conducted during his lifetime. You can check out more information about him by visiting the A.R.E.

Clairvoyance is a gift that most people wish to have, but so few people have it. This gift is rare because most people say that it’s inborn. However, in the 21st century, many spiritualist groups have formed to prove this to be wrong. Many spiritualist groups today are training men and women to become clairvoyant. It is said that a person must first have the desire to want to be clairvoyant. Next, a person must train through meditation, prayer and practice to give good clairvoyant readings.

Improving Clairvoyance
When a man or woman has the desire to become clairvoyant, its often because they want to help people. This is a great reason for wanting to perfect clairvoyance. It’s important to learn how to improve clairvoyance in your life. Here are a few steps that you can take in order to become a better clairvoyant:
Get into the habit of waking up everyday and doing 15 minutes of meditation. This will help to open your 7 chakras and allow the spirit world to come in and show you that it has powerful messages for you to give to people.
Give at least 1 free psychic reading a day in order to open your third eye more. Like all professions, the more that you practice your gifts and talents, the better that you will get. Your first few clairvoyant readings will be difficult. You will feel uncomfortable about giving them. You will be afraid of rejection. However, keep going forward and learn as you go. You will find that people start responding well to your spiritual gift.
Ask the people that you are giving readings for to please comment on your accuracy. Ask them to tell you if you are hitting on something that makes sense to them. The more that you do this, the more you will see that it’s your clairvoyant ability and not your own mind that is tapping into something. This is a way for you to see that you have clairvoyant abilities and its not just your mind trying to make things up.
Get into the habit of taking courses in clairvoyance. A great spiritual center in Western New York it called, Lily Dale Assemblies. Lily Dale is a place where you can go and train to become a medium/psychic. Yes, they even have lodging available on campus. It’s a rather large spiritualist center for people to go and learn about psychics and mediums. They even have a museum there where you can do research on psychics that have lived before you and learn from them on what they were able to accomplish in their careers.
Learn how to be around other clairvoyants in group settings. You will need a support system for your spiritual work as you grow. This is mainly because you will often become spiritually exhausted from doing spiritual work. You will come to find that its not easy to do spiritual work because it does take a lot out of your energy. It’s important to write down what you are learning at these group meetings. Many unitarian churches have clairvoyant groups that meet, and you can also find websites like meetup.com that offer member meetups. You can even start your own group. No matter how you go about it, you can make friends who are spiritually minded like yourself.
Get into the habit of prayer. Prayer helps you to stay connected to God. It allows you to see that God has his hands working in your life.
Learn to sage your home regularly. Sage is an herb that has been used for centuries to clean bad energy from the air. You will find that sage can get rid of evil energy in the air.
Put holy water on yourself daily. This will allow you to keep evil spirits from you. Yes, they will often come because they see that you are doing spiritual work for someone that is in need. Yes, there are real evil forces trying to work against the good. This is something that you may pick up in your spiritual practice.
As a clairvoyant, its important to read at least one spiritual book a week. In this way, you will be able to learn new skills and techniques in your reading style. You will begin to understand that you can tap into the spiritual world and give insights.
Don’t worry if you are not as clairvoyant as the psychics that you see on television. You need to look at your own talents and abilities and see that you are a branch that helps people. You might be surprised to find out that your clairvoyant abilities are 10x stronger as the years pass you by. You become strong in your spiritual gifts and abilities. Over time, you begin to learn what works and what doesn’t work for you in life.
What is Clairvoyance Guided Meditation?
When a clairvoyant form a group, they will often invite people into the group for a clairvoyant guided meditation. This is when the leader of the group leads a meditation session. The group participants are often invited to join in meditation at a specified time.

For example, the clairvoyant will tell the members in the group to arrive at 1:00 p.m. for a meditation that will last for 20 minutes. The clairvoyant reader may tell the group to bring a pillow to sit on for their meditation session or something that they will feel comfortable leaning on.

Meditation is something that many people are becoming more accustomed to doing in the 21st century. This is a way for a clairvoyant to have their group come together regularly for spiritual work.

The clairvoyant instructor may play some peaceful music in the background for the group while meditation is being conducted. Many group members often find this to be relaxing and a way to open their third eye more.

What is the Third Eye?
Perhaps you have heard clairvoyants talk about the “third eye”. The third eye is located at the center of your forehead. It is known as the crown of your chakra system. The third eye is said to be able to tap into the spiritual world. When a clairvoyant closes their eyes and focuses to give someone a psychic reading, they focus on the center of their brain. You will receive images and voices when you do this. The more that you train how to use your third eye, the more spiritual messages that you will receive.

It often takes many years to perfect the visions that you are getting from your third eye. In fact, most people say that the third eye is something that needs spiritual world every single day. One must look at their third eye and say, “I am going to tap into the spiritual world for answers.”

In India, the third eye is often referred to as the minds eye. The third eye is a passageway into the subconscious mind. It brings you into the highest states of the human brain. The third eye will give you mental images in which you can translate into sentences.

You can do a lot with the third eye to include: astral projection, reading someone’s aura, healing chakras and having out of body experiences. In order to build your third eye stronger, you will have to focus on your third eye daily. Learn the vibration in which your third eye moves.

As you begin to learn more about your third eye, you will see that it is in your pineal gland. Your sixth sense focuses on your third eye.

What is astral clairvoyance?
Astral clairvoyance is being able to see the spiritual realms outside of the body. With careful training, one could travel outside of their body to see into the spiritual world. You might have heard someone say that they traveled outside of their body to spiritual places. Perhaps they have visited their grandparents in another world. They were able to come back and give messages to the living from this spiritual plane. When someone astral projects outside of their body, it is said that they are tapping into a spiritual world that so few have ever been to.

Many psychics believe that there is a cord that extends from your body and can travel to different places with it. When your astral travel, you are supposed to always stay connected to this cord. If you fail to do so, its possible that you will not be able to pop back into your body.

What is an animal clairvoyant?
Animal communicators have a gift for speaking to animals. They can have a conversation with a dog, cat, reptile or another animal to see what their needs are. If you watch Animal Planet, you will often see shows on their that have to do with animal communication. Some people are blessed with a gift for understanding animals better than most people can.

If you are clairvoyant, you can easily tap into an animal’s problem and come up with a solution to fixing the problem. This often works best for pet owners that don’t know where to turn with their pet.

A woman by the name of Mattie was a client of mine. I was giving her an animal clairvoyant psychic reading for her dog. Her dogs name was Lady. Every time that Lady saw her dog food, she would smell it and walk away. At first, the owner thought that her dog hated canned dog food. She began making her cooked food from the stove. However, Lady would even reject her cooking. Even a plane piece of steak was not good for Lady.

As I was reading Lady’s energy, she told me that she was unhappy with her living situation. Lady was extremely lonely because she was by herself all day long while her own Mattie was at work. Lady would often sit in the living room waiting for Mattie to come home. She would be alone from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. everyday. When Mattie came home, she only walked her for 10 minutes and then watched television.

Her dog Lady was suffering from depression. This is all to common for pets across the world. I told Mattie that she had to either put Lady in a dog boarding home while she was at work, get another dog companion for Lady or hire a dog walker to take her out more often while she was at work.

Mattie was grateful that I gave her this information. It’s something that she never thought about. She understood why Lady wasn’t eating. She was depressed and felt alone.

Mattie did go out and buy another dog for Lady. They became best friends. She also hired a dog walker so that they could go out for 30 minutes while she was at work.

Within a weeks timing, Lady began eating her dog food again and she found that the two dogs got along great. They would play together while she was at work and the dogs were always happy to see her when she came home.

What are clairvoyant email readings?
Thousands of clairvoyants today do email readings. This process is often easier than getting in person readings. All you must do is email your question to the clairvoyant and they will respond back to you via email. You can often ask any question that is important to you. Many clairvoyants respond within 24 hours. You can also keep your reading for a long time to come.

Email readings are often 500 words ore more in length. They cost around $45.00 to $100.00. Clairvoyants often choose to do email readings if they feel more comfortable not seeing a person face to face for a reading. Some clairvoyants get nervous around people or their client does.

What is reiki clairvoyance?
Reiki clairvoyance is feeling the energy vibration of the person that is coming to you for a reiki healing session. The clairvoyant will often place their hands around six inches above the body and feel the energy of the person. The clairvoyant will then start to give messages to the person that they are giving a psychic reading to. After this, the clairvoyant will be able to see visions for the person that they are giving a reading to and receive spiritual messages for them.

Can you ask a clairvoyant a free question?
Many astrology websites offer a 3 free minutes psychic reading. It is supposed to engage a new customer to try out the website’s services for free. You are lucky if the clairvoyant reader goes beyond the 3 free minutes. Sometimes you can get lucky and have a 20-minute free psychic reading. However, this is rare.

Chat rooms are said to be a lot easier to get a free question answered. You will often find that they pack out with people wanting to learn more about the future. You will often have to wait in life to receive a free psychic reading. Sometimes this can take several attempts as anything that is offered for free often gets swamped with people. However, many clairvoyants refuse to charge money for readings and prefer to only read for people that are sent to them.

How popular is online clairvoyant chat?
In the 21st century, online clairvoyant chat has become the most popular means for communicating with psychics. It is taking over the psychic industry. It is said that at least 60% of all customers prefer chatting online with a psychic than calling them up on the telephone. It is often easier to get a psychic to read your energy via chat than phone.

Most psychics say that its easier for them to tap into the spiritual world because they don’t feel as nervous. Often, talking on the telephone to people makes someone feel a bit uneasy. It can be rather difficult at times. It’s hard for someone to see a vision for someone if they feel nervous.

How Did I Come to Know My Clairvoyance?
When I was a teenager, I gave my heart to Jesus and when it came time for me to recognize my spiritual gift, I saw that I was able to prophecy for people. I began seeing visions that allowed me to connect with a person and tell them what is in store for their lives in love, money, career and other aspects of life. I knew inside of my heart that people were often hurting and searching for answers.

As I stepped out of the Christian circle, I began to see my gift as being something that was more clairvoyant in nature. I have never used tarot cards or astrology charts to give a psychic reading to someone. Instead, I would close my eyes and receive visions through my sixth sense. This allowed me to tap into the spiritual world using my own abilities. It is an amazing gift because I get to prophecy for people from all walks of life and circumstances.

I began to recognize my clairvoyant gift when people told me that I was “hitting the nail on the head” with a prophecy that I gave to them. Most people were amazed to find out that I had put my prophetic gifts on the line. It takes a lot for someone to read for another person. It takes a lot of confidence and love to use your gift to help someone to see their own prophecy. It’s important to look at life and feel like you are going to take prophecy to a whole new level.

As I began working on psychic hotlines, I began to see that I could read for people from all walks of life. I began to take note that I can tell a person what their problem is even though I had never met them before. I was able to give accurate predictions based on what came to me via my sixth sense. Once I started to give clairvoyant readings to people, they began to call upon me for answers right away.

Are Clairvoyants Genuine?
Many experts, researchers and mystical teachers trust that all children are born with great clair-sensitivity, but they lose hint with it over time due to childhood, schooling, and disbelief by fathers/mothers and culture – what we are gone with, then, time and time again, is a bunch of grownups who are censored off from their distinctive abilities and only a fortunate few who are still connected to them.

Every now and then, even the most skeptic adult has a feeling, or thought, that tells them “this neighborhood is not good, get out,” or “this is the next work that you will be doing. A man might feel that “a woman that he just met is the one.”

The clairvoyance come to us in different kinds of ways and they can simply transpire in a space that is beyond our sensible, habitual understanding. An example is that we may be sensing danger as we go into a neighborhood, but we may not comprehend what it is exactly we are sensing, let alone become aware of it consciously. We only get a clever yet convincing sense that we must get out of the surroundings as soon as we can.

We are all psychic, in a sense, but not enough to be a professional practicing clairvoyant. This type of clairvoyant is in touch with their clairaudience on a weekly basis, and can focus into them at will, as they need.

How do the Psychics Read People?
The third eye helps achieve knowledge and perceptions about an experience, individual, location or idea through “telepathic” or extended experience – they need the power to get, hear, smell, think, and taste outside the usual sensory range of the everyday human being.

It is not always the same really; the sensual range is broad, and we are speaking about levels of awareness i.e. imagining more, listening more, knowing more, etc.

The clairvoyants are men and women who are much more in connection with what they are witnessing than the majority of us, as in, they realize how to understand what they feel – they can visualize, smell, or also hear love, dread, envy and a lot of other emotions and reality, and can term them as they are taking place. For most people, this type of comprehension happens in retrospection, if it occurs at all.

To put this in a greater viewpoint, for example, canines cannot visualize the color red. Their dogs’ retinas do not allow that. But canines can smell when someone is afraid in a person that is around them. The 2 questions occur from these particulars – could it be that our individual eyes also do not visualize things that are right in front of our face? Could we be taught to expand our sensations to be able to understand our atmosphere and the men and women around us better?

Men and women that say clairvoyance do not exist or that it is not true are like canines that claim red does not exist. While it is fun to picture our four-legged dogs holding posters protesting people who claim red occurs, being thoughtlessly certain about issues of existence and the vast world is probably not such a good strategy.

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