A Detailed Explanation of Black Cats

Why Are Black Cats Feared?

Are you afraid of black cats?  Millions of people all over the world believe that black cats are associated with witchcraft and evil.  I find that black cats are the cutest of all the cats that are out there. I love solid color felines.  Where did this superstition of black cats come from? 

Traditionally, black cats have been associated with witches.  Our ancestors believed that witches turned themselves into black cats.  Therefore, during Halloween season; you always see pictures of black cats with their spine turn upwards to represent screeching and fear. 

Black Cat Names

Are you trying to name your cat and Don’t know where to start?  Here are some names that are popular with black cats:

  • Midnight
  • Hershey
  • Luna
  • Bear
  • Magic
  • Pepper
  • Sheba
  • Dinah
  • Jasmine

The Different Black Cat Breeds

Americans love black cats.  It is estimated that black cats have a 29% chance of being adopted over any other cat breed.  More people today prefer black cat breeds over other breeds. Most people say that they love the black cat’s fir color and bright eyes.  A black cats eyes come out clearer at night.  My favorite are the yellow eyes.

Turkish Angora – 1st cat in Europe.  Loved by the Turkish people.  Black cats were around during the time that the Prophet Mohammed was 570 – 632 A.D.  This breed of cat can swim well.  This cat loves to get brushed on a regular basis. 

Sphynx – This cat breed has no hair.  Their wrinkly skin gives them away.  This cat originally comes from Canada. This cat breed needs other cats and humans around them.  They desire love and enjoy getting pet.

Scottish Fold – Originally founded by a Scottish Shepherd in the 1960’s.

Persian – Found by ancient Romans and in the 1500’s.  Persians have long hair.

 Oriental – Originally comes from Thailand.


American Bobtail – This is a combination of a short-tailed tabby and a Siamese breed.

American Curl – This cat is recognized by its pulled back ears.

American Shorthair – Comes from Europe. Brought to the United States by early settlers.

British Shorthair – Comes from the United Kingdom.

Cornish Rex – Comes from Cornwall England. 

Are Black Cats Lucky?

Superstition teaches us that black cats are lucky. This is the good side of the black cat for people that think that these cats are associated with evil.  You might think that black cats are bad luck or good luck. This all depends on what you are using the cat luck for. For some people, black cats are great to have around when you are trying to win at gambling.  Another is for betting on horses. 


National black cat day is October 27.  Yes, its just a few days before Halloween.

Black Cat Superstition Beliefs:

  1. Seeing a black cat means that someone will die soon.
  2. If a black cat passed you by, you will have bad luck.

What Are a Black Cats Personality Traits?

Black cats are known to be friendly, outgoing and in need of human and other feline companionship.  They make great pets and are often good around kids.  There are many different breeds of black cats and they all have different personalities.

Whether you are a cat or dog lover, it would be fair to say that cats are adorable pets to own. They are much more convenient to own than dogs considering the attention and maintenance they need. Cats are also hygienic than dogs for the reason that they do the grooming on their own. Having a fluffy member of the family is always a nice thing since you get to enjoy some unknown benefits. Some of the benefits are more directed to companionship and health. There are more than forty cat breeds all over the world that can be domesticated such as Bombay Cat, Burmese Cat, Egyptian Mau, Japanese Bobtail, Maine Coon, Persian Longhair Cat, Siamese Cat, Somali Cat, Turkish Angora among many others. The diversity in the breed could be as a result of some specific features such as the color of the eyes, the texture, thickness of the fur, and length of the tail and so much more.

The color of the far is not a huge factor to consider since you may have different breeds with the same color. The distinction arises with the texture, fluff, and pattern of the color. Due to the recessive gene dominance, solid-colored cats are predominately single-colored that maybe a black cat.  Black cats are highly conspicuous and are associated with Halloween, witchcraft, and bad omen which should not be the case. Many black cats could be as a result of several interbreeding incidences from two or several breeds.

Just like we associate with other cats of different shades, black cats are most adorable with admirable personalities. There are different single breed black cats and interbreeds that we seek to learn more from this article.

Black-Footed Cat

As the name suggests, this cat derives its name from the black spots located on the bottom of the feet. The shading may appear in different patterns like the ring. The general upper body color appearance of the cat may range from beige to reddish-brown. Male black-footed cats weigh much more than the females. They have rounded ears and a relatively normal head size. It also has a relatively normal tail size that is easily spotted due to the black tip. Black-footed cats are famously found in some countries of Southern Africa in relatively dry areas. The cat is a nocturnal feeder that preys on insects, small birds, and rodents. The birth rate of these cats is one to two litters yearly with a litter ranging from 2- 4 kittens.

American Bobtail

This breed is known for elongated hind legs and a tail that is a half or one third the size of an ordinary cat tail. It is also thought to be a mixed breed between the short-tailed tabby and the Siamese cat. They have diverse admirable personalities, which include friendliness, playfulness, and are energetic. The groom needs are regular fur brushing for long and medium sizes. Other grooming needs include dental and ear checkups accompanied by regular nail trimming.

The Black and White Cat Breed.

It may sound weird, but they’re no black and white breeds. Black and white color are synonymous with mixed breeds that have a formal fur coat pattern. This kind of pattern is known as piebald or bicolor which doesn’t exclusively belong to a particular breed. Tuxedo cats are often treated as a breed which might is not necessarily the case since it can just be a coincidence in the pattern.  It is possible to note Maine Coon cats, Sphynx cats, and Persians with the black and white color pattern. You need to understand the various color patterns that involve the white and black found in some cat. For instance, having a cat with predominantly white color with black spots around the tail and ears the markings could be referred to as Van. A cat with a spot on the back the markings could be referred to as Saddle and Cap.

American Curl

This breed is known for its back curled ears, which is as a result of genetic mutation. The ears are known to curl some few weeks after birth but later come to permanent posture in about four months. The breed is known to express personalities such as affection and are great with kids. The grooming involves regular brushing, regular ear, and dental care alongside regular nail trimming.

Black Calico Cat

Calico cats are not an exclusive breed but earn the name from their flawless color pattern which involves orange and black. A fascinating fact about the calicos is that they are female-dominated. The reason for this is the fact that the X chromosomes are the vessels that carry the color variations of either black or orange. The sex chromosome combination of a female is usually XX, and the color gene predominately existence in the X chromosome, which explains why calico cats are mainly female. One of the X chromosomes may carry the black color and the other chromosome the orange color, which brings about the calico cats. In males, the X chromosome carries either of the color orange or black. The Y chromosome doesn’t carry any color genes, which ultimately means the male will carry the orange or black color and not all colors at once. Technically, there is no male calico which eliminates them from being a particular breed. Therefore, there are other breeds that possess the white orange and color shading and are all referred to as calico cats.

History of the Black Cat Day

The Black cat day is commemorated on the 27th of October.

In ancient Egypt, cats were highly revered and regarded due to their ability to keep pests such as rodents away. The royal cats were worshipped and allowed to dine with the elite. They even had a goddess who had a cat-like head and was called Bastet. In modern times, black cats are associated with wth misfortune, death, and bad omen. However, some nations associated them with good luck places like Celtic, who believed fairies came in the form of black cats. This situation flipped, and they started believing that the black cats no longer possessed the fairies, and they associated them with demons and witches. They went to extents of killing the innocent cats and severely punishing the owners.

Black and White Cats

Just like many other animals, cats are differentiated by many characteristics. The color of their fur is one of them. Black and white cats are popular and are attractive due to several quick facts. Many cat lovers will choose the type of cat to adopt concerning these facts, while others only go for what pleases their eyes. There are a lot of things to learn about black and white cats. However, let us start from the top with the definition.


Commonly known as tuxedo cats, black and white cats were named according to the color of their fur. A tuxedo is a popular black trouser and coat suit with a white shirt to complete the look. Just like the suit, black and white cats are mostly black with white patches. There are a few that you will come across that are whiter with less black spots. The name ‘tuxedo cats’ is not only for black and white cats, but also mostly reserved for this group.

For the tuxedo name to sound more practical, the cat has to have a significant black coat with white patches around the belly, paws, throat, and chin. However, these days, the name is used for almost all types of black and white cats. Others are known as black-mask cats because their faces are all black, making them look as if they have worn a black mask. The paws, in some cases, can have different color such as pink or have both black and white colors.

Another typical example of the black and white cat is a moo or cow cat. The black color is not as solid as that of a tuxedo cat, but it is covered with black patches on its white body. Some are both moo and black mask cats when the black patch covers the face. In general, black and white cats can be classified on a scale of one to ten, from entirely black cats to different intensities of the two colors as they lead toward a white cat.

Reason for the Patchy Fur and Health Implications

In a research done in 2016, results showed that the different coloring of animals’ furs including cats, mice, and horses is as a result of the slow division of cells in the mother’s womb. The research suggested that the type of color that a cat has is determined by how cells develop in their mother’s womb and not necessarily a kind of breeding. The research went on and suggested that double-colored cats lack enough pigments as the cells develop at a slow rate. The cells do not follow a distinct pattern when spreading on the skin; therefore, cats with fewer pigments will eventually have randomly distributed colors.

This black and white characteristic, piebald, is also evident in horses. It might be the same cause of health defects such as animals being born with hearts that have holes. In a later research, Bath and Edinburg Universities clarified that it is not that the pigment cells move slowly but instead they move faster in black and white cats, only that they divide slowly because of their inadequacy. The process was likened to the diffusion of an ink drop in water. Eventually, the ink drop will spread throughout the surface of the water. In the same case, the pigments eventually spread throughout the skin, but because they are few. Some places are left without some color pigments. As much as different types of genes can produce a piebald pattern, the mathematical approach used by Dr. Christine Yates could be used to explain them all.

Quick Facts

Here are a few facts that you must know about black and white cats:

“They are not named Out of being an Independent Breed”

Contrary to popular beliefs, the bicolor aspect of these cats are as a result of chromosomes and not necessarily a type of breed. Purists argue that the tuxedo name should only be given to black cats that have white patches on their paws and chests, but pet finders opt to do away with such restrictions.

They Have Faulty Kit Genes

As explained above, them having different colors is as a result of a limited kit gene in their mother’s womb and not slow genes are thought before.

The Ratio of their Genders is One to One

You cannot tell the difference between a male and female tuxedo cat just by the look of their fur. This is because, unlike the mostly female calico cats or the orange tabbies that are primarily male, tuxedo cats have a fair number of both male and female cats.

They are Loyal

Most tuxedo cat owners testify of the cat’s ability to remain sweet, chumming, and loyal to their owners. Of course, the statistics might be a bit biased, but the findings compared to other cats show that their owners have it easier living with them than other colored cats.

Most Have Green Eyes

Most black and white cats have green to gold eyes, as shown in most images of this type of cats. It may not be as attractive, but it is the most common color.

The Earlier they are Exposed to People, the more Social they Grow

Just like other pets and social animals, to make a black and white cat-friendly to human beings, one has to expose them from an early stage of their lives. The tuxedo cat still adapts fast when older but the younger they are when adopted, the better.

Whist whiskers are Common to Most of Them

A common feature in most cats, black and white cats too tend to have white whiskers.

They Get Adopted Faster than Other Colored Cats

Because of their sweet and chumming nature, many people looking for cats as pets fall for black and white cats faster than other colored cats.

They can Have Political Ambitions

It is not common to hear that a cat has run for a legislative seat, neither is it to have cats launching political parties. However, in 2012, Tuxedo Stan made history by running for the office of the Mayor in Halifax, a town in Canada. Even though the cat did not get the seat, he sure did create awareness on the life that homeless cats have to endure. His big win was the grant that he inspired the Halifax City Council to give for the development of a neuter clinic. Unfortunately, he later died in 2013 after being diagnosed with cancer.


You can never understand what differentiates one cat from another unless you own one or take time to study different breeds, colorations, and behaviors. There other colorations such as the Turkish Van and the Seychellois. However, black and white cats still stand out because of their beauty, the diverse bicolor patterns that they can take, and their ability to attract more humans than other types of cats. The most important thing you need to remember is that it is not a matter of the cat’s breed but rather how the pigment cells distribute themselves when it comes to black and white cats. How this affects the way human beings relate to them is not yet scientifically proven, but you can trust the words of those who have owned them before.

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