If you are sick and tired of working for someone else and want to be your own boss, its important to find a job that works best for you. Work at home job opportunities are on the rise because people often feel that they want more independence and want to be their own boss.  The internet allows someone to start a business with a website. Websites are relatively cheap to build if you are doing this on your own.  Nearly every business has one.  A website will give you the power to lead customers right to your doorstep.

Some work at home jobs don’t require you to have a website because you will work directly for their company from the comfort of your own home. Below are some of the top-rated work at home jobs.  Some of these jobs are paying people $24,000 a year or more per year. 

Best Work at Home Jobs:

#1 Pet Sitter – If you love pets, working men and women today don’t like leaving their pets at home alone. Most people find that their pets are alone for more than eight hours a day while they are at work. With men and women both working outside of the home, pet care is becoming more like daycare for kids. Pets today are often dropped off at the pet sitters’ home.  There are even some pet hotels. However, starting your own pet sitting business in your home can prove to be successful. Many pet sitters charge $8.00 or more per hour to watch a dog, cat or other animal.  Some states require licensing.  However, over time, this can lead to a full-time income. 

#2 Website Developer – Today, every business in America needs a website.  Many website designers charge $500.00 or more for a basic 5-page website.  For websites that require more pages and graphics, the price can go much higher.  Teaching yourself this trade can often be learned by watching videos on the topic using Youtube.com.  You can also take courses in many trade schools. 

#3 Bill Collector – Today, bill collectors are needed like never.  Bill collectors make money when they recover a company’s owed money.  The better that you are at convincing people to pay their bills, the more money that you will make.  You often only need software and a business client to do collections for.  Many bill collectors earn well over $50,000 working from home. 

#4 Grocery Delivery Service – Many companies like Shipt and Amazon hire people to shop and deliver groceries.  Shoppers are often paid a commission.  You can also do this for restaurant delivery as well. Companies like Cravy hire people to make deliveries for them.  This is great if you want to be your own boss and work with a company that can give you steady work. They provide the customers for you.  You only need to provide the service.

#5 Medical Biller – The medical billing industry is growing.  These days, doctors are trying to find people that know how to work with ICD-10. This coding system is highly complex, and most people find it difficult to understand. If you become an expert in this field, you can have a lot of doctors as your clients.  The software can be expensive. However, once you have a few doctors’ offices under your belt, the software will pay itself off. 

#6 Psychic Reader – The psychic reading industry is a 2 billion dollar a year industry. Many psychic companies are hiring talented people to work on their phone lines and chat websites.  You can work from the comfort of your own home and take calls at your leisure. Many psychic readers bring home and estimated $35,000 + per year. You earn money for each minute that you keep someone on the phone.  Most psychics get paid between .20 cents to $1.00 per minute.

#7 Blogger – Blogging is a full-time income for many bloggers like John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker.  Many bloggers claim that it can take years to develop a website to provide a full-time income. However, thousands of bloggers in the world say that blogging does work and provides full time incomes of often $50,000 a year or more.  Taking some courses on blogging and making money from home is often the best way to go.  Also, getting yourself a mentor that already makes money doing this is best as well.

#8 Call Center Rep – Call centers often pay people to work from home. You simply take calls that the company sends to you and you talk to customers about their problems. Companies often provide you with software and a phone system. You are often paid by commission for every call that you take and handle successfully. 

#9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Specialist (PPC) – If you know a lot about how to rank websites on to of search engines by using seo and ppc, you can start your own company from home. Get a few customers under your belt and begin earning money for making websites rank on top of search engines.  You can also promote companies on social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

#10 Written Content and Video Creator – Work from home creating website and video content for people that need it for their businesses.  Websites like Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, Upwork.com and many others allow you to list your services on their website and earn money from providing your services to its customers. 

#11 Give Advice Over the Phone – Websites like Ether.com allow anyone that has an expertise in an area to offer people help by phone.  You get paid by the minute.  Some experts charge more than $1.00 per minute. This is a great job if you have an expertise in something and want to get paid for consulting people. 

#12 Accountant – Take a course in preparing taxes and start a business out of your home. Tax preparation is a headache for millions of Americans every single year.  It is often hard for anyone that doesn’t know much about taxes. During tax season, you can easily earn money that will carry you through the rest of the year if you have enough clients. 

#13 Flea Market Vendor – Most of your work is done from home preparing for the weekends.  Setting up your location at the flea market can be loads of fun.  Many flea market vendors earn a full-time income if they get a spot at a busy location. 

#14 Tutor – If you were a good student, you can offer a service in which you tutor kids and adults on different subjects. Even tutor websites would be a good option since most online tutors get paid a commission for working on websites that offer these kinds of services to students. 

#15 Music Instructor – Do you play a musical instrument well?  You could be teaching people how to play and get paid for it.  Have students come over to your home in order to tutor them. 

#16 Photographer – When not out on the field taking pictures, you are editing photographs at home. Today, websites like Thumbtrack.com can give you job leads and lead customers to you. 

#17 Computer Repair – Everyone has computer problems these days.  Simply pick a computer up from someone’s home that has a problem and then bring it back to your house to repair it. Drop it back off and earn money.  Its that easy. If you have a knack for fixing computers, you will find this job to be easy and profitable. 

#18 Private Detective – Crack cases while trying to help your clients to solve their problem.  Private detectives locate information for people that can’t find it on their own.  You can work out of your home and charge a flat rate or per hour fee. 

#19 Vending Machine Owner/Operator – Start a vending machine route.  Only work when you must refill and fix your machines. A great stay at home job for people that want to work doing something that they enjoy. 

#20 Housekeeper – Clean homes for a living. Earn big bucks cleaning up after people.  Keep your office at home and when you get a call to clean a home, you get paid.  Some housekeepers get paid $100.000 or more per day to clean a home. 

#21 Dog Poop Cleaning Service – Nobody likes to clean dog poop in their backyard.  You will find that this opportunity is high in demand because most people don’t want to do it. This means that your potential for earning good money is endless. 

#22 Psychologist/Counselor/Social Worker – Work from home counseling people. No need to leave your home for this one.  Simply have your clients come to your home office and give them advice. Get paid for what you know how to do best.

#23 Home Visitation Pastor – Get a pastoral certificate/license/ordination and get paid to visit families when a tragedy strike. Often when someone is sick, lonely, getting married or simply fed up with life, they want to talk to a pastor.  However, many pastors today are to busy running churches and don’t have time to counsel their parishioners.  Home visitation pastors come in handy because you can be a 24 hour a day service. Simply call a pastor and go visit your client. Some pastors get paid well over $100.00 per visitation session. Marrying someone can profit you as much as $300.00. 

#24 Wedding Dress Designer – Showcase your work on your website and design dresses from home. Today, you can run your entire bridal designer business from a website.  When the orders come in, simply mail the dress to your client and make alterations as needed. 

#25 Temporary Job Agency Worker – Work for temporary job agencies whenever you feel like it.  Temp agencies often pay you a commission and you only work when work becomes available or you feel like working.  Some temporary job workers earn top dollar for their skills that are often hard to find.

#26 Computer Programmer – Learn to code in Java, C++ and other programming languages. Computer programmers are high in demand and job opportunities allow you to work from home.

As you can see, you have many options for working at home.  With a computer and an internet connection, your options are endless. Simply get creative and start working a job that will make you happy.  Hopefully these employment opportunities are a good fit for you. I think that they are the best work from home jobs in the USA. 

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