What Should You Expect During a Séance?

The séance is a spiritual connection with the dead.  Mediums often have a séance because they are trying to connect with an entity that is in the spirt world.  You may want to connect with a deceased mother or father because you want to see if they are okay. Many people from different walks of life want to speak to the dead because it brings them a sense of comfort to know that their loved one is no longer in pain.

The word séance is French. The French meaning is session.  The author George, First Baron Lyttelton first published a book in 1760 entitled, “Communication with The Other Side.” 

Spiritualism was founded in the nineteenth century and this book gave a rebirth. One of the most popular women in history that requested a séance regularly at the white house was Mary Todd Lincoln (wife of Abraham Lincoln).  She was deeply grieved after her son died.  Two of the major places that practice spiritualism in the United States are Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York and Camp Cassadaga in Florida. 

A séance is often conducted in a small group setting. The medium will often ask for people from the persons family to attend the spiritual session. Once the séance begins, the medium may ask that nobody else enter the room. This is because you begin connecting with the spirits and they may not come if they feel alarmed of a new presence being in the room.  The medium will often ask everyone in the room to please pray and ask for the spirit to joint the group.  The medium will often say a recited prayer or start repeating the same thing over again to call upon the dead. This is often scene in the Wiccan religion. 

The room is often kept dark to satisfy the spirits.  The medium will often put themselves into a trance like state. By doing this, they allow the spirit entity to start to speak through them. Experienced mediums can often speed the process up a lot faster than someone with little experience.  Celebrity mediums often have a proven reputation of getting into trance a lot faster.

An experienced medium may also use automatic handwriting and spirit paintings to attract spirits.  Mediums often feel that they have a calling to connect with the dead and every time that they connect with a deceased person, they feel that they are helping the living. 

Spirits do have messages that they like to give to the living.  They often don’t speak like human beings do in full sentences.  Spirits often speak in just one or two words at a time. They are often trying to let the living know that they are there. They come from a dimension that is far from earth and yet their voices can be heard through the séance. 

Some religious people believe that its demons speaking to the medium and not actually dead people.  This is something that has been debated for years.

You will often feel or sense a spirit is in the room during the spiritual session. The medium will inform you that they are connecting with the dead because they have something in which they want to say. 

If the medium doesn’t allow the spirit to speak directly through them, they will often use a Ouija board.  This is often made from wood and has numbers and letters on it.  The medium will often instruct everyone to place their hands on the pointer. The pointer is controlled by the spirit that you are trying to communicate with. 

The pointer will stop on certain letters and numbers.  It will begin to form words and numbers for the most part that will have a meaning.  Some mediums use instruments such as: trumpets, drums, horns, tambourines and guitars to allow the spirits to use these instruments during the séance.  This often helps the living to see that the spirit has entered the room is wanting to speak with the living. 

Most psychics would agree that holding your séance at night allows spirits to come in a lot easier. The calm and still of the night cause more harmony with spirits in the spiritual world. It is important to always ask a spirit what you want it to say to you.  Whatever questions you have for spirit should be addressed. 

It’s important to put together a question list of what you can ask the spirit. The medium will often tell you to ask the spirit a question. You may tell the spirit to tap a table or blow the horn as to whether they can hear you. 

When a spirit speaks, it communicates to us what its deepest desire is. We often hear from a spirit when they are ready to speak to us. It can often take several attempts to speak with a spirit before they are ready to communicate with you.  Sometimes, mediums will sing a song in order to bring the spirit out into the open.  A lot of the time, several spirits will come at once to speak to the living.  You may get someone coming through that you were not expecting. 

Meditation is often important before the séance because it allows you to clean out your chakras. Being free from drama helps the séance to be a lot more effective.  Spirits often want to communicate with people that have little drama.  They often like to be at peace when communicating with the living. This is something that the spiritual realm enjoys giving for the most part.  It’s important to always say what you feel and don’t worry if others accept what you are saying. This is between you and the spirit that you are connecting with.

At the end of the séance, you should feel that the person came through or not.  If they did come through, you received a message. Even getting one word from the dead often brings relief to a person that has been seeking out the spirit to begin with. 

A séance is great for someone that has questions about life and death.  If you believe that a dead one is trying to communicate with you, then contact a medium for advice.

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