We live in a fast-paced society and the idea of having a guru may seem tempting. After all, gurus are often there for us.  They give us guidance into our spiritual lives and tend to make us feel that we can count on them when things are down.  The word guru is a Sanskrit term.  It means teacher.  A guru is supposed to lead you out of a dark way of thinking into something that the “light” will guide you in. When you are spiritually lost, a guru is there to pick you up and show you that way.  A guru is someone that will keep you uplifted when all things in life seem to be failing you. 

A guru is often found in the Hindu religion.  Archaeologists discovered that gurus first existed around the 1st millennium. One would often reach out to a guru when they felt like their life was not moving in a direction that made a lot of sense.  Someone was often said to be enlightened and therefore a guru could guide many people.  They are somewhat like prophets from both the Old and New Testament.  They were meant to guide the people. 

Gurus were often well versed in Buddhism, Hinduism, philosophy, paining and martial arts.  Gurus were often well rounded and earned their living as a teacher. Men and women would often pay them a fee for their services or give a donation of either money, food, clothing and whatever could be sold for value. 

People often find that their best guru comes from a faith that they believe strongly in.  Some people see the: Dalai Lama, Pope, Deepak Chopra, Buddhism, ancient prophets, psychics and other spiritual enlightened ones as their guru.  A guru can help you to find your way if you feel lost. 

If you have ever suffered from alcoholism or drug addiction or know someone that has, you should know that spirituality is encouraged for healing. The founding father of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson found that he could not give up alcoholism until he found his religion. He was admitted into many hospitals for alcoholism.  They hospitals finally told him if they see him again, he would be admitted indefinitely.  Bill Wilson knew that he had to change.  He decided to give his life to Jesus Christ.

For many, Jesus Christ is a guru for them. He is also their savior and Lord.  If one reads the New Testament, they will find that Jesus forgives all sin and that they can see the light through him. 

Gurus tend to teach if you do things there way, your life will become more enlightened. You may even start to see miracles happen in your life. 

Millions of men and women take a spiritual retreat every single year in order to find their inner peace.  Many people believe that you can become enlightened through prayer and meditation.  Often, a person may travel to a far distance in order to experience a strong religious experience.  Many people have found that traveling to Brazil to see John of God or visiting a shaman in Arizona is a way to spend time in relaxation.

When people dig deeper into their inner spirit, they tend to find their own spiritual path. They often find that connecting with the spiritual world helps them to see that there is a light around them that begins to make a lot more sense.  You begin to see that you are not just a physical body. You begin to gain enlightenment that you have a soul. We can all learn more about our spirituality by taking time out of our busy schedule in order to reach a state of learning and knowing what happens all about us. 

Movies like The Love Guru will show you the funny side of a guru.  Actor Mike Myers plays the part well. However, people often don’t find comedy in their guru.  They often think of them as being the one that is going to show them the way to a better life and perhaps a life that is better than the one, we have here on planet earth. 


Find a Guru That You Have Confidence In.

You Can Learn From a Guru.

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