Did you know that you had the answers to all your life questions in the palm of your hand?  Palmistry is practiced around the world by people from all walks of life.  Palmistry is often called hand reading, hand analyzer and palmist.  If you are not familiar with a palm reading, you may refer to it as a psychic reading.

Palmistry is a pseudoscience by professionals that do these types of psychic readings.  Palm reading is most popular in India, China, Tibet, Nepal and Palestine.  Over the past 130 years, palmistry has made its way into Western Culture and is often requested by people seeking out their fortune.  Many men and women turn to palmistry when they have questions about love or money.  It is believed that palmistry originated in India and then spread throughout Europe, Tibet, Egypt and Persia. 

As palm reading made its way into Greece, the philosopher Anaxagoras gave practice to it. Aristotle became interested in palmistry and brought it to Alexander the Great.  Alexander the Great became interested in examining the lines on one’s hand. 

The Catholic church did not look favorably upon palmistry in the middle ages and considered it as a form of witchcraft.  The church condemned the use of Palmistry. 

The palms of our hands are said to have a lifeline, death line, childbirth line (for women) and much more.  Palmists also examine your fingers, fingernails, skin texture and color.  Palmists will often examine the hand that is used by the person getting the reading first.  This is because its controlled by the conscious mind.  The hand that you don’t use is referred to as the subconscious mind. 

The non-dominant hand is said to carry traits from your ancestors.  It can also tell you who you were in a past life.  Each part of the hand is related to a goddess or a god. 


Ring Finger = Association to Greek God Apollo.  Can predict your future in happiness, wealth, fame and musical ability. 

There are 4 and 11 types of hands according to palmistry.  Your hand shape will determine if you have anger problems or are calm. They will tell if you are ambitious or lazy. 

Most palmists have been taught that the hands can be earth, air, water and fire. 

Learn Your Own Hand and What The Lines On Your Hand Mean….

The Lines of The Hands and What They Mean

Our Lifeline – This line represents how long you must live or how long your life will be.  It represents how healthy you are and if there are any health problems that you should watch out for.  If you are about to relocate or have a significant life change, the lifeline will let you know.  Even though the lifeline gives an indication of how long you will survive, most palmists don’t believe or teach that it will predict your actual death date.  In fact, many people beat the odds and live longer than what their lifeline predicts.  The lifeline is from the edge of the palm (seen above the thumb) and travels to the wrist. If you are getting a psychic reading, most palmists will use their clairvoyance to give you more of an accurate prediction as to what they think, or sense will happen in your life based on what your palms are revealing to them.

Heart Line – From 1940 onward, the heart line has been the most accurate and talked about.  If you are guessing why, I will tell you. It’s because it represents a person’s love life and attraction.  It represents how the opposite sex perceives you and what they think bonding with you.  It is found at the top of the palm and under the fingers.  These lines represent if you are going to get married, divorced and how many life partners you are going to have.  It also tells how you perceive love and how serious you take romantic relationships.  It also foretells if you handle love well and if you are jealous, possessive or carefree.  It can also tell us if you will or have high/low blood pressure and if you thrive on love.

Headline – This is the line that tells the palmist if you are more right sided or left sided in your brain thinking.  Do you prefer science/math or English/psychology?  The headline tells what excites you most in school, work and play.

Fate Line – Have you ever wondered what life path you should take?  The fate line will tell you which road to take or which one you will take.  It will communicate to you if you will fail in school or be a success. It will tell you if you will be good in your career as well.

Additionally, the other lines of your hands are called: mercury line, travel line, sun line, girdle line, union lines, Apollo line and additional markings.

What do they represent?

Apollo Line – Tells you whether you will have a life of fortune or misfortune.

Other Markings – These lines depend on the palmist that is reading you.  Not every palmist will see the same thing.

Travel Line – Communicates whether you will be taking a trip soon.  This is good to know if you plan on moving or traveling due to your work.

The Mercury Line – These lines will tell you if you will have persistent health problems.  It also tells if you have good communication skills.

The Union – These lines will tell if you are going to have close relationships with friends, family and a lover.  Who will you bond well with?

Girdle Lines – Communicates what your emotional level is.  How intelligent are you?  Are you good at manipulating other people?

Sun Line – will you have a scandal in your life that will ruin you?  Will you be a famous Rockstar or known for what you do?

Palmistry is often looked at in the same way as tarot.  It is a pseudoscience and cannot be taken literally every single time. Sometimes, you will have a palmist give two people with the same type of hand a different reading.  This also goes along with a reader’s clairvoyance. Are they only using the lines of the hand in their psychic reading or using their psychic gifts as well?  This all depends on the psychic reader that you are choosing to work with.

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