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Are you searching for love right now and praying that it comes to you this year?  Is the man that you are wanting of the zodiac sign Taurus?  If this sounds like what you are looking for, then you are in for a true layout of who your Taurus man is and what you should expect from him. 

The Taurus man is born between the months of April 20th to May 20th.  He is represented by the bull.  He often has a rather stubborn personality but can be somewhat easy to talk to if you know how to work his mind to get what you want out of him.  He is the kind of person that is hard working and loyal to the woman in his life.  Taurus men tend to be rather gentle and down to earth in romance. He is ruled by the Venus Element and his earth sign color is green.  You will find that he is a rather sociable person with both friends, family and business connections. 

Taurus men tend to be explorers. As children, they are known to explore toys, their surroundings and people.  You will often find that he has a deep concern for money or material possessions. Taurus men tend to like fancy cars, clothing and homes. 

Taurus men hate feeling like they must depend on someone.  They take pride of wanting to take care of other people.  In love, he wants to be the “man” in the relationship and take care of you.  He doesn’t like to feel he has to depend on you to provide for him. 

Taurus men are often known for clinging to something. As a baby, he may cling to his blanket or certain toy.  As an adult, he tends to cling to the woman that he is with.  He is often known for texting you back right away or taking your phone calls regularly.  He likes to feel that he can depend on you. 

Taurus men also love animals, nature, plants and vacations.  You will find that when you give him food, he loves to experience new flavors.  You may find that if he is an Italian, he may love Chinese food or Indian.  You may say that he is more prone to trying out new foods. 

As a child, he normally doesn’t like candy that is to sweet.  He prefers keeping himself healthier.  He has a natural inborn instinct for attracting good health to himself.  As an adult he often takes his time with figuring out something.  He may want to know the facts about something that he is working with or on before building it.  He is known for making sense out of something that may not make sense to most people. 

Taurus men don’t like big changes. He often doesn’t want to hear that you want to make a surprise move because you found a higher paying job a state away.  Its best to break the news to him slowly by saying that you plan on applying for a job a state or so away before doing it. He likes to know the details.    

Watch what you say to a Taurus because he is often sensitive. You may be thinking you are giving him a compliment and, he thinks that you may be criticizing him. You may say to him, “Those are nice pants that you are wearing.” In his mind, he may take your comment as meaning that he may not normally dress well. Remember, his physical appearance means a lot to him and how people perceive him. 

When a Taurus man commits himself to something, he follows through with it. If he says that he is going to be with you in a relationship, he is going to do it.  If he says that he plans on moving in together with you or marrying you, he will do it.  It’s best to not pressure him as to when it will happen. Its best not to nag him or text him excessively.  He would like hearing that you care for him.  But he knows what he wants and goes after it when the timing is right for himself. 

Many Taurus men are attracted to wood.  If you are decorating your apartment with him, he will mostly pick out wood furniture and shelving.  Most Taurus men are attracted to wood products.  Since he is the second sign of the zodiac, he tends to make it more obvious about what he wants. 

In love, he wants to touch you all over. He wants to feel the sensual connection that the two of you have.  He wants to feel that you are soft and gentle.  Taureans tend to be artists or at least have an artistic nature.  Art museums make a perfect date for the two of you.  He is optimistic about getting sexy with you. 

Most women like the physical body of the Taurean. He is often into weightlifting.  Be careful of his jealousy. He doesn’t like to see you flirting with other men. You may think that it’s a way to get his attention more, but he will see it as a sign that you are not as interested in him as he had thought.  Worst of all, he may label you as being a slut.  Be careful with what you do with Taurus because you may not get the response from him that you were searching for.

Taurus men want to provide a stable environment for you. If he is your boyfriend or husband, he wants to make sure that you are doing well financially as well. He often wants to make you feel that you can depend on him.  If you earn more money then he does, make sure that you let him feel that he can provide for you. You don’t want to take his masculinity away from him.  Instead, save your money for a rainy day and pull it out if he runs into financial trouble.  A Taurus man will see your good action as one that is helpful to him and it will prove that you love him.  Loyalty and trust are what he wants most from you.

Taurus Men are Known to be Loving and Stubborn At The Same Time.

Taurus Men Are Known to Lift Weights and Take Great Care of Their Bodies.

Taurus men love their bedroom.  It is often his comfort zone and the place where he can feel complete as a person.  If his bedroom is Feng Shui, then he will sleep a lot better. He often enjoys snuggling before he falls asleep. You may find that he likes to play video games and watch television before falling asleep. You may need complete silence and therefore, he may have to fall asleep before you.

Taureans love comfortable sheets and blankets. He often loves a higher sheet thread count for maximum sleeping comfort.  You may find that he has a silk blanket for its luxurious look and feel.  He is also a man that loves throw pillows.

Taurus men want to feel that their lover is also their best friend. He will often talk to you about who he is as a person as he trusts you. If he doesn’t trust you, you will always feel like he shuts down on you during dinner or when you talk to him over the phone.  Men are talkative by nature and often want you to know what he is all about.

Taurus men get fixated on their goals and accomplish them. If he has a goal to accomplish a certain task, he will do it.  He lets nothing stand in the way.  He is always aiming to have emotional and financial stability in his life.  A famous and successful Taurean is Jack Nicholson. He is a bit of an odd ball in the sense that he is not known for his good looks or hot body. Instead, he is known for his hard work as an actor.  However, if you look at George Clooney (also a Taurus), he defines a typical Taurus man.  Good looking, nice body and successful.

The millennial generation has brought on some new traits in the Taurus where other previous generations were not aware of.  For instance, some millennial Taurean men are couch potatoes and may be living in their parent’s basement because they may find that having someone else take care of them gives them the stability that he needs.  Sometimes a millennial woman may see no problem in making him the house man and she goes out to work to earn the money.  This is a relative new concept of some millennial Toreans. This is mainly due to women taking power into their own hands and providing for themselves.

Taurus men are also always examining you.  You are being screened every single time that he speaks to you.  He often has in his mind the thought of how he can catch you in a lie.  He is very slick in the sense that he will try to trap you in telling him a lie.  Be honest with him and don’t lie. He will catch you.

Taurus men love massages.  He is the first one to enjoy a back massage with aromatherapy.  Get him a massage table for Christmas and he will love you. This is something that he needs in his life to have more inner peace.

How Much Do You Really Know About the Taurus Man?

Taurus men are also known to have “love at first sight” experiences. He may tell you that he loves you on the first night he meets you.  You may be wondering how he knows this.  Don’t ask him.  Just accept what he says and allow it to sink in. He often knows exactly what he wants from day one.

When its his birthday, don’t get something from him at Goodwill. Instead, shop for the finest gifts.  He prefers material possessions that have good value and appealing to his eyes.  Taurus men love gifts. If you can afford it, he would love a new car.  He will spoil you in the same way. 

A Taurus man will always protect you. If he sees that another man or woman is harming you, he will come to your defense right away. He will tell you that he doesn’t like what someone else is doing. He will make it known that its not okay to play games with you or to intimidate the woman that he loves. He is protective over his wife and family. He is also a family man. He is a loving father to his children. On his days off, he will take his family to parks and recreation centers.  Seeing a Taurus man at Disney World is another plus for a Taurus. He wants his family time and would often spend late nights working for him to afford that time to spend with his family. 

Once a Taurus man feels that he is secure with you, he will not have to worry about you cheating on him. He tends to trust his own judgement. He tends to feel happy with his decisions as he is making them.  He will give you more trust as he begins to feel that you are secure with him.

A Taurus man also knows when to quit.  If he feels that you are cheating on him or being dishonest in any way, he will cut the relationship off. He tends to be his own best psychic.  He will often tell you that he is noticing you doing some “shady” things and doesn’t want to continue the relationship. You may find that when you talk to him, he says what is on his mind if he is upset. 

Taurus men also crave power in work and family life. They want to feel that they can make decisions for the benefit of everyone.  Taureans are often known to be decision makers. They are great managers, business owners and presidents of corporations and countries.  He is often not a narcissist because he wants to look out for the benefit of all people. He often wants to let everyone know that he has something to say to them that is a blessing.

Most Taurus men want to know that they are looked up to in their surroundings.  Taurus men like to use the word my as a way of showing his power. He may say, “I earn my money hard; I want my family to love me, I need my friends to look up to me.”  He is known for wanting people to see him as a leader and not a follower. 

Taurus Men Crave Power.

Taurus Men Are Often Leaders, Managers and Presidents.

Don’t try to scream over a Taurus man. If he is yelling, let him finish first. He often flares up when he gets angry and then calms down quickly after.  When married, he is more of a homebody. He wants to keep outsiders out of his life and his family’s life.  He would rather spend the entire day watching movies with his wife and kids then spending it outdoors with people that he doesn’t know.  Taurus men would prefer a home cooked meal over a night out at the Olive Garden. For him, a home cooked meal means more to him than anything else.  He will feel that you took the time out to pamper him and to take care of his healthy eating needs.

Taurus men are meant to be wealthy. If one is poor, he often feels that he is not living his best life.  Taurean men want to feel that they can buy whatever they want at the time that they want it.  He is often the first person to use his money to help another person.

Taurus men are also into investing.  He often wants to invest his money in long term investments such as mutual funds and stocks. He will often have a healthy retirement account and make people look up to him for wealth as he moves on in his life.

A Cancer woman is one of the best matches for a Taurus man because she is often laid back and willing to accommodate her man’s needs. Cancer women don’t tend to be picky and often prefer being housewives over a woman in the workplace. She might find that supporting her man is making her feel better about herself. Most mothers that are of the zodiac sign cancer enjoy taking care of the children and spending time with her husband when he comes home from work.

Scorpio women and Taurus men tend to clash when they are together.  The reason is because Scorpio women have the tendency to be to strong in what they want. This often clashes with the Taurean man because he is the same way.  You may find that you are battling with him a lot more than another zodiac sign that you may have dated in the past.  He is the kind of person that already knows what he wants and needs to have a woman that will follow his lead. Scorpio woman often don’t follow his lead because she already has her own agenda.  It is often common to see Scorpio women and Taurus men fighting like “cats and dogs”.  This is often not the best way to have a healthy relationship.  If you are a Scorpio woman and wanting to have a relationship with a Taurus man, you are going to have to let him see that you can be flexible with him.  Otherwise, you are going to clash and battle it out with him. This can be a tremendous sad day for the two of you.

Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man Love Connection.  How Good is it?

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