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Are you asking yourself how you can become the next Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce?  Do you want to give psychic readings like the experts that you see on television?  Do you watch the Long Island Medium or Tyler Henry weekly and ask yourself, “How did they get have such strong psychic gifts?”  If you are asking these questions, then please keep on reading.  This article is here to help you to develop your own psychic gifts and abilities.  Soon, you will realize that being psychic was inside of you the whole time.

Let us first start this article out by saying that everyone develops their own psychic gifts differently. What works for one person may not work for another.  First, it is important to ask yourself what is most appealing to you.  Do you want to work with spiritual tools such as: tarot cards, runes, astrology charts, angel cards or fortune cookies?  Do you see yourself simply using your clairvoyant gifts and abilities without any tools?  This is important because this will help to identify who you are as a person.  It has been found that we tend to be better at what is most appealing to us.  If you have a desire to learn how to read the tarot, you will be able to develop your psychic reading style a lot easier because you already have an interest in this.  Psychics like Nostradamus had an interest in astrology. Even though he was raised Catholic, he had an interest in astrology.  Edgar Cayce was more of a clairvoyant reader.  He also felt a natural ability to connect with the dead and the living through clairvoyance.  He didn’t use any spiritual tools. 

When you first start out giving psychic readings, you must get as comfortable as you possibly can.  You will find that being at peace will help you to give better psychic readings overall. 

Your next step is to prepare yourself for giving a psychic reading.  It is important to take at least 15 minutes a day for meditation.  This will help you to raise your energy levels to see into other people’s lives.  The Russian psychic that worked with the K.G.B. Nina Kulagina said that she had to meditate before she gave a psychic reading.  She found that it allowed her to use her psychic gifts to move objects. Meditation allows you to be more at peace.  If your mind wanders during a psychic reading, you are not going to be able to focus in on another person because you are to be focused on yourself. Try to clear your mind through journaling and talking out your problems with a close friend, counselor or pastor.  Some people are clearer than others. If your mind is to be cluttered with the problems of daily routine, you are often going to feel that its to hard to give a reading. 

After you have meditated and prepared your mind for giving psychic readings, its important to begin getting more in touch with your gifts.  If you are choosing to work with tarot cards, its important to learn more about them and how to use tarot cards.  The Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean is a popular book that many tarot students by on to learn how to read tarot cards.  The book sells for only $18.49 paperback.  You can find it for cheaper if you have a Kindle.  If you are on a tight budget, you may want to start watching videos on tarot cards on is a great resource for anyone needing to learn anything for free. You can do the same if you are looking to use astrology for your psychic readings.

If you want to use clairvoyance, there are several steps involved in which you need to follow in order to become a psychic reader.  For starters, you need to start trusting in yourself and what you see inside of your mind.  As you start to give someone a psychic reading, certain pictures will pop into your mind. At first, you may think that it’s just a thought.  However, over time you will come to see this as being a vision of what you are seeing for someone else.

It’s important that you find someone that you can read for. For clairvoyants, this is the scariest step to taking in becoming a psychic reader.  You may have failed at this before, but now its your time to take a stand and focus in on what you desire.

In order to become a better clairvoyant, you are going to have to give free psychic readings on a regular basis.  At first, your clairvoyant readings will be all over the place.  You will feel like you have no idea what you are doing.  Here are some steps to follow when giving a psychic reading:

  • Ask someone if you can give them a psychic reading.
  • Tell the person that you are new at giving readings and would appreciate their positive feedback as you tell them what you see in their lives.
  • Don’t think about impressing your subject. Simply tell them what pictures you are getting in your mind or what you feel they may be going through.
  • If you get a name, tell the person that name whether you feel like it may pertain to them or not.
  • Focus hard on what you are seeing for the person and never be afraid to tell them what comes to you.  The more that you hold back, the worse your psychic reading will be.  Being authentic is important because these first steps will help you to build your psychic gifts to becoming more powerful later.
  • Don’t worry about getting the wrong information.  Remember, you are just starting to learn what you are seeing in your mind. You are beginning to determine whether that vision/thought/picture is for you or the person that you are reading for. This will take time to learn. It often takes years to master this ability.  The reason why most people fail at becoming psychic is because they expect it to automatically start working.  It will take years for you to develop your gift.  Please don’t pressure yourself. Let things flow naturally.

Seeing Through Your Third Eye

Deck of Tarot Cards

Its important to know that giving your first, second and third psychic reading is scary.  Even after 30+ years, I still get afraid to give psychic readings.  In the back of your mind, you are always wondering if what you are seeing is correct and if the person that you are reading for will say that you are a fraud.  Your intentions are right because you want to help people by seeing into the past, present and future for them. However, how real is your vision and does it make sense to the person that you are reading for?

Battling fear is one of the main reasons why meditation is good for you. It will help to keep negative thoughts out of your mind.  Also, the more that you give free psychic readings, the more experience you will get.  You will fail many times when giving a psychic reading. You will not be 100% correct.  Sometimes, you will tell someone what you are seeing, and they will tell you that its not right.  However, allow at least a year to pass by before saying that your psychic reading was off.  Prophecy often takes time to reveal itself as being true. 

There are still prophecies that were predicted in the Holy Bible that have not come to pass.  One of these prophecies is the end of the world and the battle of Armageddon.  Predictions like these were made thousands of years ago.  Nobody knows for sure if they will ever come to pass. If you are a Christian, your faith tells you that it will. 

Your spiritual beliefs have a lot to do with the outcome of your psychic reading. Belief has power and so does faith.  If you have neither, you will have to reexamine your spirit and see what you do believe in. 

It’s important to ask the person that you are reading to allow you to read their energy. You may be surprised to learn that many people are blocked and therefore don’t want you to read their energy.  This can make your job as a psychic a lot harder.  It is important to feel comfortable with the person that you are reading for. 

In today’s 21st century world you have many options when it comes to where you can give a reading.  Today, you can give a reading: face to face, chat online, phone, email, skype and other ways.  It’s important to choose which works best for you.  Some websites are dedicated to having only chat, phone or email psychic readings.  Find out what works out best for yourself. 

You can’t force your accuracy to come sooner. You must try and measure your accuracy on each individual reading that you give.  Once you start to gain confidence in telling people what you see, you will be able to get feedback. Getting feedback allows you to see if you are “hitting the nail on the head” or simply getting a thought or an opinion. 

At times, you will feel a bit more psychic than other times.  At times, you will be walking down the street and seeing something for a stranger. At times like this, its important to not say anything unless you randomly start to have a conversation with that person.  It’s best to not say anything because you don’t want people to think that you are weird or invading their space without permission.


A lot of men and women that feel that they have a psychic gift and want to explore it take courses and classes.  One place that is well known for training psychics is Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York.  Lily Dale is a spiritualist community of men and women that have psychic gifts. It is one of the largest spiritualistic societies in the world.  They have courses going on there all the time with people attending classes and lectures. You can also make friends with other mediums that live there on campus. 

You can also attend psychic groups locally by visiting  This website connects you with people that are in your local area and that are looking for ways to develop their psychic ability and to use your own psychic ability in a group format.


When I first started to learn about my psychic gift, I was scared.  I always felt like I could see into the future and talk to the dead, but I never acted out on it.  After learning how to use my psychic gifts, I was able to get a psychic job on a top psychic website.  I am happy to say that I am now great at what I do.

Jessica P.


You will often find that doing psychic readings at different times of the day is not the same for every spiritual adviser. I personally like to give psychic readings at 3:00 a.m.  I feel that the air is calmer, and people tend to like readings when they are off from work and wanting to get a reading. 

Sometimes, you will find that reading books help you to get a better understanding of your psychic gifts.  I read the Bible each day for around 2 hours before my psychic gifts began to jump out. I started to practice automatic handwriting as well.  I allowed spirit to speak through me when I was to scared to give readings to people that were in need.  I guess you can say that automatic handwriting prepared me to be a good psychic. 

When you begin to receive a thought for someone, you may ask yourself if you should say something to the person that you are thinking about.  This is the scariest part of being a psychic reader.  You normally don’t want to tell someone what you see because you are afraid of rejection. Every psychic goes through this period.

Experiencing rejection makes you stronger.  With every rejection, you learn what is truth and non-truth. You begin to understand your psychic gift more clearly. 

You will never advance as a psychic unless you take yourself out of your comfort zone.  When you see a psychic giving someone a reading on television, they make it look so easy.  Just stand up in front of a crowd and tell people what you are hearing.  However, this took that psychic years to develop their confidence to do that. 

As you experience growth, you will begin to feel that you can talk to people about a question that is on their mind. You will find that most people these days love to talk during a psychic reading.  Believe it or not, nobody was ever meant to talk during a psychic reading. The reason for this is because it ruins your trance.  The best psychic readings are those that allow you to just say what you see and have nobody speak while you are speaking.  I gave a psychic reading one time for a full 40 minutes.  The person that I was reading for did not speak at all. They listened for an entire 40 minutes. They were shocked by the information that I was picking up and didn’t dare to interrupt my trance. They knew in their heart that if they did, the information that I was picking up for them would not have been as specific. 

Once you begin to learn the depths of the spirit world, you begin to pull out information such as names, dates and much more.  This only happens when you get deep into the spirit with your eyes closed and you can just tell someone what you are seeing.

Our fast-paced society is often making it difficult to reach deeper levels of the spirit world during a psychic reading because most people won’t stop talking. The psychic industry has turned into a complaint hotline. It’s like everyone that wants a reading has the need to just talk. There was a time in history when this job was more for counselors and pastors.  Today, people are using psychics as counselors and pastors. However, psychics are not meant to hear people’s problems. Their main function is to tell someone what they see for their lives without having to know much about the person. 

Padre Pio was a Roman Catholic priest that probably would have been called a psychic today.  He lived during the 20th century.  He was able to reach the conscience of people and be in more than one place at a time. He is most famous for having the stigmata.  He also felt like he had a gift and he was never formally trained by anyone.  He just began using his gift without anyone’s permission.

I have found that your psychic side will come out of you more and more as each day passes.  There will come a time in which you just say, “Oh the heck with it, I will just give someone a reading and see what happens.”  You need to get to the point in which you don’t care what other people think. Some people develop this rather early in their lives and others do it at an older age.

In gypsy culture, it is common for the mother to tell the younger child to start giving psychic readings to people.  They often push them to take a chance at giving psychic readings. This push helps the young psychic reader to feel more confident in giving readings. I wish that we all had a mother or father to give us a push to give psychic readings.  However, most psychics must do this on their own and develop their own intuition on a day to day basis.

Believe it or not, psychic intuition is not as complicated as most people want to make it out to be.  In fact, we all often sense something about a person that we meet.  Our senses are not always on target. However, when we practice our spiritual gifts, we begin to learn more in depth ways of seeing the future for someone else. 

You should also know that most of your psychic readings will be about a person love life.  Most people today are suffering because they cannot find their soulmate or someone that will simply love them.  We have a nation and a world that has forgotten how to love.  Be prepared to get asked the same question repeatedly.  When is he/she going to call me is the most popular question that a psychic gets asked?  Love has grown cold today.  When Edgar Cayce was giving readings in his lifetime, most people were concerned more about their health and those sent overseas during the war.  Today, the world has made a drastic turn. 

Hopefully you have a good understanding of how to develop your own psychic gifts.  Being a good psychic is more about letting go of your fears and just telling someone what you see.

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