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Some metaphysical experts will tell you that psychic readings have been given for centuries.  It is estimated that 1 in every 2 people believe in the afterlife or some form of spiritual connection to another world outside of earth.  Did you know that psychics have been giving readings since the beginning of time?  Nobody knows exactly when the first psychic reading was.

The late Edgar Cayce coined the words “psychic reading”.  People that Edgar Cayce read for felt as though he was reading their conscience and at times the universe.  He was a psychic that gave readings during the 20th century.  There are over 14,000 recorded psychic readings that he did for people from all walks of life. The Edgar Cayce A.R.E. is one of the most profound spiritual centers in the world for enlightenment.

In every generation, there are psychics that live and die.  However, few stand out amongst the rest.  They have not only made history during their lifetime. They are living legends that people still talk about centuries later.  We are living in a period where psychics can be recorded on most any device that allows recordings.  You may recall some of the most fascinating psychics just off the top of your head. Do the names Sylvia Browne, John Edward, Nostradamus or James Van Praagh come to mind?  These are just some of the top psychics that are alive today and deceased.  As we go into each spiritual adviser, you will come to see why these psychics stand out over others.

Edgar Cayce was a man of average intelligence.  The only book that he ever read was the Holy Bible.  He read it every single day.  Amazingly, he was able to have conversations with his deceased grandfather when he was a child.  He was able to tell the family what he saw when his grandfather came to him.  Edgar Cayce never was into fortune telling, astrology or witchcraft. He was raised in a Christian family.  He attended church regularly and even taught Sunday school.  However, he noticed that he was able to communicate with the dead.  As he got older, he started to read people’s consciences.  He was able to tell them what they were going through and even predicting how they could cure an illness or if someone was alive or dead during the war.

Edgar Cayce had the unique ability to sleep with a book underneath his pillow and tell you the exact contents that were in the book when he awoke. You could ask him to read what was on page 105 and he would be able to tell you.

Edgar Cayce also gave psychic readings in spiritual topics such as the chakras and how our brain effects who we are and the hidden meaning of it.  He gave psychic readings for free.  As is fame growing, Edgar Cayce began to tire out in his 70’s because more people were demanding psychic readings from him.  He gave himself a psychic reading and in that reading, it told him to stop giving so many readings a day or else he would experience death.  He was told to only give 2 psychic readings a day. Edgar Cayce’s good love for people did not allow him to stop giving psychic readings to people that asked for one.  He began giving 10 psychics a day during his last days on earth. He eventually got a stroke from the stress of all the readings.

Psychic Sylvia Browne

Astrologer Jeanne Dixon

The fame of Edgar Cayce began to grow throughout the world as people began learning about his unique ability.  He was covered by major newspapers during his time.  He was able to diagnose and give treatment remedies for various illnesses and diseases.  It was clear to people that Edgar Cayce had a gift for seeing into a spiritual realm that most people would never see into.  He was in face a modern-day prophet to many people. 

Another famous psychic that was know for psychic readings was Sylvia Browne.  Sylvia Browne had a unique ability to speak to the dead.  During her career, she was seen on popular television talk shows such as Montel Williams and Larry King Live.  She was also a lecturer and book author.  Sylvia Browne touched millions of people lives throughout the world.  She was so sought after that most of her readings were given for $750 for a 20-minute session.  If you wanted to get a psychic reading with her, you would often have to be put on a waiting list.  Sometimes the waiting list was for over a year.  Towards the end of her career and life, many skeptics said that many of her predictions did not come true and that she was not a “real psychic.”  You may or may not agree with the skeptics. However, Sylvia Browne gave thousands of psychic readings throughout her career.  Not many people complained about her accuracy.  Most people felt that Sylvia Browne was helpful and gave rather good readings.  She claimed to have worked with spirit guides by the names of Francine and Raheim.

If Sylvia Browne was not accurate, how could she have attained world fame?  Some might say that if you put anyone on a television show, then they will become famous.  However, there have been many psychics that have come and gone on popular radio shows and television shows.  We often never hear of them again.  The question remains, “How did she become such a well-known celebrity psychic.” A trusted talk show host by the name of Montel Williams believed in her gifts and abilities.  As most people know, Montel Williams was a veteran of the U.S. Marines. If Montel believed in Sylvia Browne’s gift, could the media have missed something here?  Perhaps Sylvia Browne was not 100% accurate as people would have hoped that she could have been.  However, even if 50% of what she predicted came to pass, how could she have known that information? Instead of criticizing this psychic, one should try to ask themselves how she was able to pick up on the dead without knowing anything about them.  Many men and women claimed that she was the real deal and helpful. 

Another well known psychic/astrologer that lived during the 20th century was Jeanne Dixon.  She had a regularly published newspaper astrology column. She also wrote a best-selling autobiography.  She is best known for her prediction on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  She predicted in 1956 that a democrat would be elected in the 1960 election.  She said that he was going to be assassinated or die in office.  She didn’t say as to which term it would be.  Her prediction did in fact come true because J.F.K. did get assassinated.  Dixon claimed that anything could be predicted using astrology.  She believed in predicting the future using names, dates of birth and locations.  Jeanne Dixon authored 7 books in which they sold 3 million copies.  She claimed to be a strict Roman Catholic and claimed that her gift came from God.  Nancy Reagan believed in her psychic ability and went to her often for psychic readings.    


Baba Vanga was well known throughout Europe during the 20th century.  What makes Baba Vanga so interesting is that she claimed to not have been born psychic.  Instead, she claims to have become psychic after being taken up into a tornado and thrown into a field.  Her family couldn’t afford the surgeries to help her eyesight that got damaged during the horrific event. Over time, Baba Vanga lost her eyesight. 

Later in life, Baba Vanga began to give accurate psychic readings to people that requested them from her. She claimed to have gotten her psychic ability after she went blind.  She died at the age of 85 in in 1996.  She was born in 1911. Many people from around the world waited to get readings for her.  She was not known to charge money for her psychic readings, but her fame grew throughout Europe during the 20th century.  Many of her readings were popular during WWII.  She was known to give psychic readings to politicians and presidents.  She was highly sought after for her abilities. 

Second to Edgar Cayce, Astrologer Nostradamus has some of the best recorded prophecies in history.  He gave his prophecies in what we call quatrains. They were often poetic types of prophecies with hidden meanings.  It often takes a prophecy expert to fully explain or even comprehend what the true meaning of his prophecies were.  Nostradamus was known to have predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he even predicted the name and rise of Hitler.  He was born in 1503 and died in 1966.  His full name was Michel de Nostredame.  Besides being a psychic, he was also a physician.  His greatest and most world-renowned masterpiece was his book entitled, “Les Prophesies”.  This book had 942 poetic quatrains.  This book was published in the year 1555. You may find it interesting that his Jewish family converted to Catholicism before   Nostradamus was born.  You may find it interesting because many psychics consider themselves to be Christian.  Most psychics were persecuted during their lifetime because they were often called Satan worshipers and accused of practicing witchcraft. However, the more that you learn about psychics, the more that you will see that most do not cast spells or use any kind of black magic in creating their prophecies. Most of what they do come from clairvoyance. 

Nostradamus gave many accurate predictions in his day.  The most astonishing one in my opinion was when he predicted the day of his own death.  His secretary Jean de Chavigny said that he told her the night before he died that he would be dead by sunrise.  As history tells us, he was indeed found dead laying beside his bed.  Some other predictions that Nostradamus made were the great fire of London, Napoleon, the French Revolution and Donald Trump.  It is also said that Nostradamus predicted the attack on the world trade center. 

Another great psychic that ever lived was Ingo Douglas Swann. He was not only a psychic, but also a scientific researcher. He invented his own psychic reading style called remote viewing.  He developed a program for the central intelligence agency called stargate.  This was a project in which he would work alongside of other psychics in a controlled environment.  One person would ask the psychic a question about what they are seeing concerning a specific case with the use of their sixth sense and mind.  For example, the psychic would be asked, “What do you see in this location.  Please tell us everything that comes into your mind.”  The person asking the questions would write down what the psychic was seeing and record this in a document.  Later, the team working the experiment would see if what the psychic was seeing was in fact accurate.  Shockingly, in many of the cases that were examined, the psychics did pick up on specific information that they could not have known.  In most cases, the psychics failed to accurately predict what the real case file was about.  However, the few cases that they did pick up on are unexplained as to how they knew the information in what they were seeing in their vision.  Many of Ingo Swann’s researches were conducted at Stanford University.  Most scientists say that his experiments should be considered as a pseudoscience like astrology because they cannot be proven 100% of the time. 

He also conducted out of body experiments in which a person would pop their spirit out of their body.  One famous experiment was conducted by Swann and Karlis Osis.  As you get more into the psychic work of Ingo Swann, you begin to see that he conducted highly advanced experiments of the mind.  It was so advanced that the C.I.A. wanted to learn what he was doing and even funded the remote viewing project for him. As far as the public knows, this was the only psychic experiment ever conducted by the central intelligence agency. 

If you are wondering what the ratio was between the successful and failed experiment ratio, here are the stats:

Out of 25 criminal cases that Ingo Swann worked on with other psychics, 22 of them failed.  Three of those experiments did prove to be successful.  The experiments were conducted between the years 1972 and 1979. 

Through Ingo Swann’s experiments, we can now see that the psychic gift is real, but only a small amount of cases can be proven to be factual evidence of what they are seeing in their sixth sense is real. 

If you regularly get psychic readings, you may find that some psychics are more accurate than others.  Sometimes, you will find a psychic that “hits the nail on the head” every single time. Others are about 50% right and more often, most psychics today have only a 20% accuracy on what they are seeing. 


Prophet Nostradamus

Prophet Nostradamus Saw the Rise of Hitler in the 1500’s.

A Russian psychic by the name of Nina Kulagina shocked the intelligence agency in Russia during the cold war.  The Russian KGB were shocked to learn that a woman named Nina Kulagina could move objects with her mind in controlled experiments.  She was even able to give a from a heart attack while focusing on the from.  She also came close to putting one agent into a cardiac arrest during an experiment in which she was told to give the agent a heart attack.  She worked with the USSR for around 20 years before her death in 1990. 

This psychic claimed that she inherited her gift from her mother.  When Nina Kulagina got angry, she realized at an early age that objects would start to move around.  This is when she first became aware of her psychic abilities.  She also said that in order to make her gift of being able to move objects around, it was important for her to spend time in meditation.  Her mind had to become clear of all thoughts.  When she began using her gift, it is said that she would get a sharp pain in her spine and blurred vision to make objects move.  Researchers noticed that when there was a storm outside or some other types of weather conditions, she was not able to move objects.  It interfered with her gifts. 

Both the C.I.A. and the K.G.B. had an interest in psychic and paranormal activity.  We will probably never get the full story of these experiments, although some information is published, and others found through people leaking out information over the years.  The mind is powerful and can often interpret dreams and connect with others telepathically. 

Psychics often have the tendency of developing their gift over time.  Most psychics say that they always felt like they had a gift for seeing into the future or talking to the dead.  Many claim to have a Christian background.  Others say that they are Wiccan. A small percentage of psychics say that they are agnostic or atheist.  In order to have a psychic gift, one must sense things.  It is a gift that cannot be taught to you by man. Instead, it is something that you begin to develop over time with the spiritual world communicating to you.  Psychics come from all walks of life and live all over the world. Meditation also seems to be connected to making your psychic gifts stronger.  Meditation and spending time alone seem to be the key ingredient in developing your psychic gifs.  It appears people that feel indifferent or spend significant time alone begin to develop psychic gifts a lot easier.  Perhaps they feel that communicating with spirit is easier than communicating with the living.  Many psychics say that they inherited their gifts from mothers and fathers.  It may be passed down from generation to generation.  Many men and women in the gypsy culture believe that the psychic gift is inborn and passed down from generation to generation. 


The last psychic that we are going to discuss today is a man by the name of John Edward.  John Edward is probably the most sought-after medium in modern day.  His popularity began in the 20th century and continues into the 21st century.  You may have seen him on the hit show, “Crossing Over with John Edward.”  In his live show, he would connect with members of the audience and give them readings on people that had “crossed over” to the other side.  These of course would be from family members of the living.  I think that its safe to say that we never heard of the term, “crossed over” until we saw John Edward talking about it on live television.  He has had live shows on We TV and the Sci-Fi channel. 

At the age of 15, John Edward claimed that a psychic medium told him that he could do what he was doing.  At that time, he had not explored the psychic gift.  The reading that he got with her was not something that he wanted to hear.  She told him that someday he would become a teacher, celebrity psychic and radio show host.  He didn’t think that was possible. However, if we look back on John Edwards life, we could see that the psychic proved to be accurate. 

He believes that he can communicate with the dead. Many of the audience members seem to accept him as being the real deal.  Some say that he connects with specific details.  For around $800.00 a reading, you could get a mediumship reading with him.  It looks like his fame has made him become one of the most recognized psychics of modern-day times. 

Other up and coming psychics that seem to have a real gift are Tyler Henry, the Long Island Medium and Allison Dubois.  When a psychic becomes popular, their cost per reading increases.  It is estimated that celebrity psychics often charge between $500.00 to $800.00 for a 20 to 30-minute psychic reading. 

If you are on a tight budge or want a psychic reading right now, there are many psychics on astrology type websites that can give you a reading for $1.00 to $20.00 per minute.  It all depends on the psychic’s reputation and popularity as to how much money they will charge per reading. 

It’s best to find a psychic reader that you feel comfortable with before making a choice. In order to do this, many psychic websites give a complimentary 3 free minute reading or a charge you’re a less per money fixed rate.  This can be around $1.00 for 20 minutes.

Today, you can get a psychic reading via chat, phone, email and in person.  With the internet, your opportunities for getting a psychic reading are endless.  It is important for you to connect with those that you feel can help you.  Some psychics are better at connecting with certain problems than others.  Some do better love readings than career readings. Ask the psychic what they are good at before hiring. In this way you know that you are working with a top psychic expert. 

How Did Nostradamus Predict the Future?

Nostradamus is the most famous astrologer that ever lived.  He has puzzled millions of men and women from around the world because they simply cannot figure out how he predicted future events.  He used the stars and astrology to see into the future.  There is a lot more to his prophesies than just this.

At an early age, Nostradamus began seeing visions.  He would sit in a chair as a child staring into a bowl of water.  He would then get visions of the future.  Since witchcraft was illegal to practice, he had to put his visions into quatrains.  These were 4 line poems.   He predicted several events to include:

  • Great Fire of Chicago in 1871
  • The rise of Hitler in the 1930’s
  • The End of the World
  • Astronauts traveling to the moon

Since Nostradamus lived between the years 1503 and 1566, it is hard to say exactly how he prophesied.  We can make assumptions from modern day astrologers that also predict future events.  It is believe that astrologers like Jean Dixon used similar astrological methods to predict the future.  She saw way in advance the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Nobody knows exactly how she was able to see this prediction. However, it is clear that she knew that he was going to get assassinated from her prophecies.

Predicting future events takes time and knowledge.  Most people that predict the future have some sort of special ability that most people do not possess.  They often feel called to give prophecy to the rest of the world for some reason.  Not everyone understands prophecy. People that interpret the visions of Nostradamus have a gift for interpretation.  Not everyone can interpret books like the Revelation in the New Testament.

Other psychics like Edgar Cayce was misunderstood as well. He gave his predictions in a dream like state.  He would untie his shoes on a sofa and tell people what he saw.  He claimed to not remember anything after the reading was finished.  He was known for giving health readings and helped many people with their illnesses.

Other modern day mediums like John Edward and James Van Praagh, puzzle people as well.  Nobody knows how they can speak to the dead.  The both describe it as a natural ability that just comes to them.  They have the ability to speak to dead relatives and friends that have crossed over to the other side.  Sometimes they give such detail in their readings that people say, “How could they have possibly known that?”

If you have a suggestion for a top psychic expert, please let us know by dropping your comments below.

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